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It was just recently that Asus has unveiled another product under its #BatteryKing lineup – the Asus Zenfone Max Pro (3GB/32GB variant). It was officially released last June 7, 2018 thru an exclusive partnership with Lazada, the country’s biggest online shopping company for a local pricing of Php 9,995. And with just under a month after its release, the 4GB/64GB variant was officially off the shelves of our local market with the price tag of Php 13,995. Being in the Max line, the huge battery capacity was the usual focal selling point of the Zenfone Max series. Thus their latest hashtag for this which is #LimitlessGaming. But having the same processor that of Asus Zenfone 5 makes it more enticing to get our hands to it, not to mention with the primary purpose of gaming. Because why not?! A smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery and a SD636 processor is truly a very tempting offer. And with a pricing of sub Php 10k and Php 14k, it would really be more than worth it.

The real test of this Zenfone MaxPro would be - How far can you game with the Zenfone Max Pro. What I have withme as a test/review unit is the 3GB version with the firmware version of WW_Phone-15.2016.1808.326-20180828to test out its real gaming potential.

So how do I or how can I test this Zenfone Max Pro’s #LimitlessGaming gimmick? Well, what else but to play games as long as possible. While it was raining heavily in the Northern Luzon because of typhoon Ompong, I used this time (and because it’s a weekend) to finally do this gaming experiment of mine. My gaming setup/configuration is as follows

  • ·        Zenfone 5: My hotspot
  • ·        Brightness: Auto
  • ·        Audo: 50% or Mid
  • ·        Game Configuration: Varies (as high as the gamecan get)

I started to play at 10:00 am and planned to continuously play until 15% which is usually I charge up my phones.

To start this experiment, let’s play Kritika: The White Knights

  •        Game Objective: Finish daily quests (or at least the recommended percentage)

My Cat Acrobat

My Crimson Assassin

My Blade Demon

My Valkyrie

Next up, Darkness Rises

  • ·        Game Objective: Finish daily quests
  • ·        Time Started: 11:48 am
  • ·        Battery Level: 85%

My Assassin

And luckily I got a new costume

She looks nice in that school girl uniform, right?!

Followed by Legacy of Discord

  • ·        Game Objective: Finish remaining daily quests (Ihave previously finished some of the dailies during the reset at midnight)
  • ·        Time Started: 12:58pm
  • ·        Battery Level: 72%

Too many strong players. Killed for the nth time

After that it’s time to play HonkaiImpact

  • ·        Game Objective: Reach to Level 10 at least (sinceI forgot my account so I have to start over again)
  • ·        Time Started: 2:03 pm
  • ·        Battery Level: 62%

This is the game lobby which looks like more of a cockpit, i guess.

The usual pre-game chitchat mission briefing.

Anime girls in action. LOL

Now time to play some racing games. Here we have Real Racing 3

  • ·        Game Objective: Finish as much race as possible
  • ·        Time Started: 2:54pm
  • ·        Battery Level: 52%

Also we have here Need for Speed NoLimits

  • ·        Game Objective: Finish as much race as possible
  • ·        Time Started: 4:41pm
  • ·        Battery Level: 33%

Its just too bad I ran out of gas.

A different genre once again my friends.Let’s play Hitman Sniper

  • ·        Game Objective: Finish as much game objective aspossible
  • ·        Time Started: 5:08pm
  • ·        Battery Level: 29%

Time for sharpen up my snipping skills.

So by this time I decided to check my fb and messenger for today’s update up until I reach the 15% mark.

And here now is the summary of myZenfone Max Pro #LimitlessGaming experiment

Time Started (100%)
10:00 AM
Time Finished (reached 15%)
6:20 PM
Total Elapsed Time
8 hrs 20 mins

Wow!! That's a whopping 8 full hours of gaming!! If I have played and pushed the Zenfone Max Pro a little further, I may get a 10-hour nonstop gaming. So intense, right?!!

So how do you find Zenfone MaxPro? Does it live to its #LimitlessGaming moniker?

To me it definitely did!!

So?! Is everyone ready to play?

-Cat Acrobat, Kritika: The White Knights

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Zenfone 5
Zenfone 4 Selfie
Zenfone 3 ZE520KL
PHL Moderator | All posts
Great review Ian!   Thanks for sharing!
PHL Level 3 | All posts
I agree 100% with what your saying. And it still lasts the whole day.. while im at the office.. and during the long and exhausting traffic.. my only gripe is that when i 1st got this.. before i updated to all the updates..y battery would last at least 1day and 18hrs.. with light to heavy use.. that includes casual & online games.. i watch a lot of series and moview through my phone..
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Ok. That was nice... Ang galing la akong masabi kundi magaling. Lamat par  😂😊😁
USA Level 1 | All posts
Oh, what a familiar problem... However I don't watch movies and don't play video games, I play online gambling games, especially double draw poker (if you don't know what it is, you can read and I thought it should take less battery, but no, it took really a lot, like any video game.
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