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It has been more or less three months already of great smartphone experience with my Zenfone 5 when I received it last May. I already praised and did some articles on Unboxing and First Impressions and Mobile Photography Experience of this masterpiece. So how was it now? Did it already lose its spark given the release of many smartphone units on its price range?

Without further talk, I can say that I am still in love with my Zenfone 5 as much as the first time I held it in my hands. It's still a solid smartphone that it won't get easily drowned on today's competition. I will be enumerating five personal reasons why I'm still enjoying a wonderful experience with my Zenfone 5 even upto now.



The Zenfone 5 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful smartphones this year. It has this classic and elegant design that does not fade over time. Also, it fits your different looks or OOTDs be it formal or casual. Though, using a case for protection made me feel a lil bit guilty (haha ) as its beauty wasn't meant to be covered and was made to please the eyes



I guess there's no need for further explanation and will let the 93 score on photography by DxOMark speak for itself (read their review here). As for my experience, the Zenfone 5's camera made me love mobile photography more. You can check my detailed Zenfone 5 Mobile Photography article to know why and see more of my early shots . (PS. The photo dividers I used here were actually taken by my Zenfone 5 )



It's no wonder that Zenfone 5 produces superb sounds with the DTS Headphone:X Audio Technology integrated to it. Every music is delivered in great quality even only with the stock headphones. In loud speakers, its stereo speakers suprisingly performs well. With this, gaming, watching shows/movies, or just having a soundtrip is surely a sweet treat to my ears.



You cannot enjoy a phone that's outdated for sure. A great smartphone brand should not only settle on selling their units because that doesn't just stop there. Listening to their users, improving their units, fixing bugs, and delivering new features through updates give the users the feeling of being not left behind and cared because customer satisfaction matters a lot. On Zenfone 5 (even on other Zenfone units), I am happy to say that Asus didn't fail us for this one. It's just already more than 3 months, and I already received 7 system updates for my unit (Check the release notes here). I remembered one time when some user were talking how good it will be if Zenfone 5 had also a hide notch option and a navigation gesture feature; well, it didn't take too long before those updates for those were released. Hats off to Asus Team for doing a great job

5. Active Support Community


This might not be considered by others when choosing what smartphone to buy, but the Zenfone 5 has a very active support community on Facebook and here on ZenTalk where users can easily ask for some assistance or questions regarding their units. Members and other users are very helpful and also engaging on certain topics and activities; and the best thing also is that there are even people from the Asus PH team who are extending their support there. Participation on events is also being offered for Zenfone users like the on-going PixelMaster Classes and some Photography seminars with Photowalks (so stay tuned always ). It's fun to witness how the Zenfone 5 became the uniting factor for a continuously growing support community here in the Philippines.



Actually there are still more reasons why I had a great experience with my Zenfone 5. Some other reasons that are worth mentioning are it has a very satisfying performance, a good battery life, suprisingly fast recognition, awesome display, and it charges fast.


There may be lots of new smartphones that are being released, but my Zenfone 5 still stands out with its beauty, quality, and performance. I'm looking forward to enjoy, capture a lot of wonderful photographs, and see more what Zenfone 5 still has to offer on the coming months. How about you? Share also your reasons/experience on the comment below

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Very nice, Joel! Thanks for sharing your experience with the ZF5!
helloron2017 posted on 2018/9/7 11:18
Very nice, Joel!  Thanks for sharing your experience with the ZF5!

Thanks a lot sir Ron!
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