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[ZenFans Review] New technology for security software idea

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mreman.ep USA Level 1 | All posts
Simple concept, non hackable , idea, that I've been told by those confidentially signed in with, that it's applicable and has unlimited potential for growth with minimal manageability. Only reason that it hasn't been developed yet is it requires a team of trustworthy programmers, hardware developers, and investors...that have no preconceptual plan to corrupt it's purpose.. I've waited 5 years for that team to magically come together and to no avail. I've now decided it's too big of an idea, and internet security has waited long enough . So I'm now reaching out to entities I've come to trust and currently use who have the capability to develop to share my idea as long as I reap some reward.
mreman.ep USA Level 1 | All posts
I will only share it's name for now...
C.A.S.L.  (combination action sequence lock)
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