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[Share] Pixelmaster Class with Sir Emir Kahn (Part2)

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Last edited by Mouell on 2018/9/3 23:14

(Pixelmaster Class 2018 part 2 with Emir Kahn Buatista)

The most awaited part two of the pixelmaster class by sir Emir Kahn Bautista was conducted in Casa Domingo Transient House. We were picked up in Mcdonalds panay avenue near EDSA and eventually headed to the venue.

(Vintage atmosphere inside the premises)

(Some vintage furnitures and statues near the event area)

Everyone was excited to learn again new things to improve their photography skills. As i stepped inside the house i was amazed and absolutely stunned because the ambiance felt like i was in Spain. Every area and furniture inside gave us a vintage atmosphere.

(After eating we were briefed by sir Emir regarding our activities for the workshop)

We had a bountiful lunch first that made us all experienced post prandial effect, whereafter we taped for the Pixelmaster Class' video promotion. After taping, Sir Emir briefed us regarding the objectives and the things we needed to achieve for the workshop.

(One of the area i picked for my portrait photography)

(Such a nice ambient light and composition)

We were instructed to roam around the place and pick a spot where we need to shoot our models and create well composed photos. As seen above i had chosen two spots inside the house which i thought would make my photos look great and beautiful.

(Bringing of lights inside the house and set preparation)

(Sir Emir discussing his expectations during the activity)

We were divided into groups, each having two to three members. We brainstormed and planned our photoshoot while waiting for the models to come out of thier room. It was quite difficult for us to render the indoor shoot since light was minimal and the weather that time was fair. In consideration, sir Emir instructed us that we could use external lightings to help us with our work.

(Actual behind the scene of capturing the models)

(A glimpse of the inside)

Each group were assigned to at least produce two outputs. After which he again divided us to a new group consisted of four to five members and instructed us to create at least three photos utilizing different areas of the house. We had so much fun during photoshoot beacuse all of us got a chance to capture the couple models in different locations regardless of what groups we were. Tiring yet fulfilling acitivity. We were able to achieved the objectives sir Emir wanted us to learn and experience.

(End of activity, deliberation of photos)

(Awarding, Certificate of participation and Top achiever award)

(Sir Emir Kahn Bautista with the whole class)

We officially had our graduation ceremony and received the certificate of attendance as well as our awards during the two sessions of Pixelmaster Class. I am glad i was able to be one of the top achievers in our class, though i know to my self that i shouldn't be joining this kind of event hehe. Well, i just wanted to experience one and get along with other zenfans

(Certificate of attendance, award and gifts)

In life there's nothing wrong not to know everything, learning is a continuous process, all we need to do is read a lot and experience what we had read. Remember that the best teacher to be successful on what we do is experience while the best motivator is ourselves. Experiences will mold our character and open our eyes to create vision and principles that we need in order for us to succeed.

Indeed this workshop boosted our confidence to pursue one of our passion which is photography. ASUS ZenTalk Philippines truly was magnanimous for they gave us the opportunity to experience a photoworkshop that somehow helped us improved our skills and built a sense of camaraderie within ourselves.

Always remember that enjoying while learning is the key to make every photography workshop significant and engaging.

Here are my photos taken using ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL) during the second day of our pixelmaster class with sir Emir.









" Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits "

-Mouell Francisco

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PHL Moderator | All posts
As always, great set of photos Mouell! Great job!

PS. Ang pasaway ng batch na hindi nagsuot ng Pixelmaster Master Class Shirt -.-
Mouell PHL Dr.Zen(PH) | All posts
helloron2017 posted on 2018/8/29 09:30
As always, great set of photos Mouell! Great job!

PS. Ang pasaway ng batch na hindi nagsuot ng Pixe ...

Ha ha ha ha! It is nice to be different sometimes
PHL Dr.Zen | All posts
helloron2017 posted on 2018/8/28 17:30
As always, great set of photos Mouell! Great job!

PS. Ang pasaway ng batch na hindi nagsuot ng Pixe ...

Hahaha baka di na kasya😁
Mouell PHL Dr.Zen(PH) | All posts
gjmsds112510 posted on 2018/8/29 16:14
Hahaha baka di na kasya😁

Hahaha partly korek te nung time nayan, pero kasya na ngaun
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