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[Replied] [Camera] RAW Capture Support and 60 fps Video Recording for the Zenfone Zoom

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZX551ML(Zoom)
Firmware/APP Version: WW_4.21.40.209
Frequency of Occurrence: 2,5 Ghz
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
Screenshot: -
Last edited by Zaid_Rynes on 2018/8/11 01:31

Hello there! This is not really a bug or anything like that, but more of a question. I was wondering why there is no RAW photo capture implemented in a camera-centered (expensive) phone. Don't get me wrong, Asus' default camera app, PixelMaster, does a pretty decent job, but the pictures are heavily compressed and you can really see the visual artifacts when you zoom in on a JPEG picture. 4 megabytes is not a very decent size for a 13-megapixel image. A lot of compression was applied in order for it to reach such small sizes. I tried another app, Camera MX, by Magix, where you have an option to set the JPEG quality. I set it on 100 and the picture quality improved dramatically... I could get 12-megabyte pictures, but it's still not enough and things can be much better, meaning a RAW capture would provide a maximal hardware availability of the camera sensor.

Another thing I want to address in this post is the slow motion video recording, which is a total joke! - it's basically a slowed-down 30 fps video. This device’s front camera is the famous Omnivision OV5670. According to the official papers(, which can be found here - -), this little thing is capable of recording 1080p videos at 60 frames per second (Pretty amazing, right?). However, Asus allows only 30. Also, it can capture 480p videos at 120 fps - that would be its slow motion mode. It can capture 4K videos at 30 fps as well, but I'll let that alone. None of these things are possible from Asus’ support however. I don't want 4K video recording (although it would be great!) or anything like that and I'm definitely not asking for the impossible, but just for the PROVIDED and chosen hardware resources to be properly exploited, at their maximum levels. At least tell us why the video capture is limited like that.

What about the main attraction of this device, its back image sensor? Well, that's a Panasonic MN34130, and you can see what it's capable of for yourself, here - ... rtfsi%C2%AE/MN34130 -. You can clearly see "60 fps" mentioned in those documents. Why did Asus waste these hardware resources and didn't allow the maximum rate? Is it because it would heat up too much? I'd really love to see the developing engineer's answers to these questions. Also, this device features a Fujitsu M10MO image signal processor; I don't know if any of these limitations have to do with it. It doesn't look like anything would be unfit on a hardware level to me.

The Zenfone Zoom is an absolutely great piece of hardware! - very resourceful and complete. Why did Asus chose to waste it by designing some poor and incompletely-deployed software for it? Am I missing something here? Can you forward this to Asus representatives and developers? Anyway, besides the video recording performance, custumers would really appreciate to have RAW support on this particular model; an update with it would be greatly received! Many thanks!

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Hi Zaid_Rynes

If you would like to suggest this as an improvement to our RD team
Please feel free to post your needs in the "Idea for next" section, at the following:

Thank you for using Asus, your feedback is highly valued and we will do our best to provide our customers with better user experiences. Thank you
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