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[More Information Needed] [Power/Battery] ANDROID OS POWER HUNGRY ( anyone solve the problem ? )

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: 2.3 Ghz
Rooted: No
APP Name: battery
Screenshot: -
( updated to M then downgrade to L .. because of android OS now the problem persist when i downgrade )

I dont have internet ( internet to update ) for 2-3 years  .. when i got internet this years first thing i did is search for new update for my zenfone .. then that when everything fall apart .. android os is draining battery cpu total is high 15h .. ( low usage of the phone same as looking at the clock at night reading )

before i made i post already read if not ALL post most of the post regarding Android battery drain i follow the instruction

already did factory reset / hard reset / clear cache

and the battery callibration
and i (quote)
To re-calibrate battery,charge your phone to 100% without interruption then discharge it normally till 0%(phone gets switched off) charge it to 100% in switched off condition and keep it in that state for a little more time now switch on your phone in charged condition and unplug when ASUS logo appears keep the phone unused for 5 mins you will get far better battery life as the battery stats.bin file will be updated. (quote end)

( Moderator said you will get far better battery life they didnt said it will stop android OS for draining your battery ) most of the time i only used my smartphone to read (dont like the brightness of M)

i also read the band-aid solution ? auto manager ? i havent used those before the update and andoid os is not draining my battery before .. now i learn how to used auto manager but android os still top battery user
I HAVENT HAVE screen time yet and android is already got 5 % of my battery ?
NOW all ZE551ml zenfone 2 user how your smarthphone have you fix the problem is its just me now ( 8/7/2018)

most of the post i read .. ended half way Moderator show up once .. give band-aid solution ? the thread starter show new finding but no more reply how to solve the problem so i have no choice but to post my own post

( ) 1 of many ended half way

i feel like i pay for something to be a beta tester for the best new thing

also i saw post moderator asking for data cant find the link
( they asking to charge the phone before going to sleep then show them what the status next morning and the thread started did  android os still top battery user.. after that he/she didnt get reply )

3 weeks for looknig for solution .. no choice but to post

TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi DisconnectionNotice,

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

For battery draining issues, in order for us to verify, please kindly follow the methods as below:

(1.) Charge the phone to 100% before going to bed > remove the charger and turn off screen> the next morning before using the phone,  please provide me  two screenshots:
(a.) Settings > Battery
(b.) Settings > Battery > ""Advanced battery usage"" (click on the battery icon to access)

(2.) Provide me the time interval and the battery level: for example 23:00 (100%) > 08:00 (95%)

(3.) In the meantime, were mobile network, WiFi, and Bluetooth turned on or off?

Thank you!
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