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[Chat] Tips on extending the ZenFone 3 zoom battery's life?

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kryptonsqueen BRA Level 1 | All posts
Hello! I got a ZenFone 3 Zoom a couple weeks ago and I'd like to know if anyone got any tips on keeping my battery healthy and stuff. Thanks!
HKG Level 3 | All posts
The battery life on that monster is unbeatable. I have one...I use WeChat, WhatsApp, QQ, facebook, Instagram, pugb throughout the day...the battery last me all day long (8am to 12am). Other phone would be dead around 7pm. You got nothing to worry about the battery. The charging time...I found it isn't bad for 5000mAh, a normal 3000mAh will take about an hour or so, 5000 without the any advertised fast charging tech in the charger takes only 2 hours isn't bad at all, not to mention that the battery last you all day, meaning you don't need a power bank with you, you only need to charge your phone before going to bed.
kryptonsqueen BRA Level 1 | All posts
Thank you so much! I'm really enjoying this phone 😍
Here is some tips that could save battery life.
1. Lower Screen Brightness
2. Tighten Up Auto-Lock the shortest period for your device, namely 30 seconds.
3. Turn off Wi-fi if You Don't Need It
4. Limit Background Refresh for Applications
5. Restrict Unimportant Notifications
6. Don't Update Apps Automatically
7. Do not Activate Location Service
8. Use Low Power Mode
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