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ASUS 5 Bug Report
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: 8.0.0
Frequency of Occurrence: None
Rooted: No
APP Name: -
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I taped a video with normal mode (without video Stabilization) and with pro mode (with video stabiliZation option selected) and I found no differences between both videos. It seems that the optical Stabilization wich is a strong feature of This phone is not working.

Does anyone have the same problem? Solutions?
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The phone has both ois and eis. Eis only works up to FHD 30fps or 60ps.

maybe "video stabilisation" is only reference to EIS. Not sure if we can turn off ois or not.
Oh, that's clear! Thank you! I thought it worked up on 4K. 
Thank you for your answer.
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4k is OIS works ok. but would be better if they had included eis for 4k videos....

i,ve seen  youtube comprison of videos of phones that can disable ois and eis. any video without ois or eis looks awful when you start walking around.  that is probably why most people will buy a gimbal if they are serious about making videos.
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shot using a zenfone 5z 4k 60fps with a gimbal.

one of the reason he loves the zenfone 5z/5. is that there is no 5 minute limit when shooting 4k video. i didn't know this before but a lot of phones have a 5 or 10 minute limit when shooting 4k videos.
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Hi simi_rodrigues10,

Thank you for your inquiry.
We have consulted our team about this matter.

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Hi  lmt607,

Thanks for your sharing and information.
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Hi simi_rodrigues10,

Good day.
After confirming with our tech team as below.
(1.)Camera Auto & Pro mode will work with EIS. It's considered to simplified UI interface, there is no Stabilization option in auto mode.
(2.) The camera will auto judge in which scenario to use EIS or OIS according to the brightness conditions in different scenes.

Thank you.
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