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[Experience Sharing] ASUS 5z Gaming and performance Test

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Hey Guys I am back again with an article of ASUS 5z this time we are going to test its performance in day to day life as well as try tu run some high graphics games on it..

Snapdragon 835 is the best processor in snapdragon lineup.. And it's the most used processor in flagship devices.. As it is made on 10nm process so it is power efficient to..

Before we start with any test let's go through some of the specifications of the phone.
So ASUS 5z is powered by snapdragon 845 chipset which is one of the most powerful chip in the snapdragon lineup. It is supported by Adreno 630 GPU 6GB of RAM. The phone comes with full HD+ IPS+ Display which makes your gaming experience even more better.. So now let's start with the Benchmarking scores










From the above scores it is clear that the performance of the phone is of flagship level.


Now we are going to play some intensive games on their highest graphics settings possible to test out the gaming performance of the PHONE.

Asphalt extreme

Asphalt 8

Modern combat 5



My opinions

As I used the phone for mode then 10 days now the performance of phone is snappy and the system UI is well optimized so no apps takes leases time to open and the Ram management of the phone is also very well I played PUBG for everyday on this phone and never feel any lag on the highest settings in the game so yes the performance of the phone is of flagship level thanks to the SD 845 processor.. In terms of day to day uses u never feel any problem while using the phone so if u are a lot of heavy user and plays lot of game then this phone never dissapoints you..

So that's it from this article I hope you guys like it any suggestion or question drop down your comment below.. 👇

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Why the screen jitters when two fingers are sliding slowly? Like when you try to move the aim on PUBG more precisely (slow) it stutters.
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