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[New Question] Upgrade android 8.1 and zenui 5.0

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Buy a new phone such as xiaomi, samsung, apple. Asus have no door
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This is a repeat of when Asus lied and claimed they would release an update for Zenfone 2 users, and kept stringing them along for months and months, until guess what, nothing happened. No update happened, they never got their new Android release.  They lied, then kept everyone quiet about it.

Until they actually do something to prove they are actually doing anything, giving an ETC or something at least, I don't believe we are going to get Oreo.  We are forever an Android N device, and it will stay that way.  I mean, shoot.  Let's consider the bugs in the current ROM, shall we?

We got malware in the ROM out of the box, Bluetooth debugging is permanently stuck on, wasting disk space, despite the developer option being off (or never even being enabled in the first place), and dropped incoming calls while on a 4G network without VoLTE, because guess what, they didn't certify their phones for VoLTE in America, and the ROM seemingly has a hard time dropping to 3G for incoming calls after a while in standby.  And the camera?  Man, these cameras have so much potential, but my curiosity is, why is it so hard to white balance automatically?  I can aim at a 50% grey calibration card that I use for professional photography, and somehow, it STILL comes out bluish purple.  Even trying to set the white balance manually you still can't get it in right.  Oh but use a 3rd party camera app and guess what, it WORKS!  It's bug central, the devs don't get it, they lack proper communication with customers, it's hell in a handbasket really.  I come from speaking as an Apple developer whom worked a long time developing for OS X and IOS (mind you before Cook took over and made business practice atrocious).  We certainly would not have allowed this level of incompetence in a product, and if something was found, we fixed it rather fast if we caught it, or it was properly reported to us.  Guess what, ASUS doesn't do any of that, they think they release products that work out of the box, when in fact, they never get to work properly.  Some people are fine with their device, but they never truly use all of the features of their phones to actually know, or simply don't know that a problem is evening happening in the first place.

Anyways, have a good one, but just remember, we all bought a product that ASUS will likely never update, nor properly fix.  They've done it before, time and time again.  Sorry guys and girls, we were duped.
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We have to talk with everyone. I did it. Let's do it faster, HEY EVERYBODY. ASUS LIED 
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