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[More Information Needed] Alipay QR code scan

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valenschui HKG Level 3 | All posts
I am currently using Zenfone 5 (2018), when using Alipay (支付宝)QR code scanning, the camera is in zoom mode, so you will have to hold your phone away from the computer screen in order to scan the QR code. Is it because it is using the secondary lens of the camera?
I have Zenfone 3 Zoom as well, with the same App version but it doesn't have such problem.
Can the Asus team look into it?
HKG Level 2 | All posts
I had this problem on QR droid app. Does the alipay app offer a choice of scanning engine to use?

On the QR droid apps default scanning engine , the camera was like set to zoom in mode.

Luckily, the app has a choice of 2 scanning engine and the second scanning engine works fine.
valenschui HKG Level 3 | All posts
Hmm...that I didn't look into that, but I doubt it there is another scanning engine to choose from. Hopefully, there is a fix soon.

CHN Level 2 | All posts
There's no option, and I use WeChat pay instead. Hi, CHN user
valenschui HKG Level 3 | All posts
WeChat pay is totally fine when using the QR code scanner
Hello valenschui;
Does this issue happen every time you use Alipay?
Which firmware version are you on?
What's the version of Alipay you are currently using?
Thank you

Hello keyuekangaroo;
Do you face the same issue on your phone with Alipay?
Thank you
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