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[Tutorial] [ZenFans Review] How do I transfer my data to new ZenFone

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To transfer precious photos and data to new mobile is a really big challenge. But now ASUS released Data Transfer APP to help you to transfer your data. How it works? I will show you step by step below.

Here are the benefits of Data Transfer I would like to share in advance
  • It helps you to move your data and application from old mobile to new ZenFone. It can apply to contacts which save in internal storage, contact history, message, photo, video, music, compression file, document, and application.
  • No need to use USB cable or data service. You can transfer data via connection established by ZenFone.
  • It is faster than restore data from the cloud.

Note: Data Transfer is preinstalled in ZenFone 5 Lite. The path is Setting > Backup and reset > Data Transfer.

Transfer Steps:
1. You have to install Data Transfer in both phones first. Please download it from Google Play.

2. Access Data Transfer and tap “OK” when permission request pops up.

3. If your Data Transfer isn’t preinstalled, there will be one more permission request for modifying system settings. Tap “Go to settings” and turn on “allow modify system settings”. You have to allow Data Transfer to access your calendar, contacts and so on.

4. Tap “Start” and agree Terms of Use.

5. After above steps, I put my old phone on the left side and new one on the right side. Now I am going to sync these two phones.

6. Set the left one as old device and the right one as new device.

7. Tap “Turn on hotspot” > “Go to settings” on the new device.

8. Turn on portable Wi-Fi hotspot then you can see QR code on the new device.

9. Click “Scan QR code” on the old device and scan the QR code of the new device.

10.  Tap “Next” when connection established.

11. Select the data need to be transferred on old device and click “Send”.

12. The process of transfer will show on both devices.

13. Transfer completed.

How to install the application on the new device?
  • Data Transfer is preinstalled: application will be installed automatically if it is compatible with your device. Otherwise, you need to install it follow below steps.
  • Data Transfer is downloaded from Google Play / Your application is not compatible with new device:

       1. Enter File Manager > APPs:
           You can find application which haven’t installed and select those you want to install.
       2. Tap “Setting”> “Security” > allow to install unknown sources. Then installation will be continued.

1.  If ASUS Data Transfer version is 1.X, please update version to 2.020 or later.
2.  Please allow Data Transfer to access including phone, contacts, calendar, message, storage, location and camera to ensure it works.
3.  Data Transfer is preinstalled on ZenFone 5 Lite(ZC600KL), you can access it via Setting > backup and reset > Data Transfer. Users of other models have to download it from Google Play.
4.  Please make sure your device version is Android 5.0 or later.

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Last edited by jamescabigting on 2018/12/16 04:15

help. my new phone (m2) didn't have the option of choosing whether it's an old or new device, after pressing get started, it skipped the part where I chose the old or new device and automatically chose an old device. how do I fix this

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You should do it by usb data transfer or by bluetooth.
Best way it by backup your data in cloud then restore it in the phone.
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helo po sinu po may alam dito about screen mirroring  Samsung smart tv and asus zenfone
MYS Level 1 | All posts
To transfer fm Zenfone 3 to MaxPro M2, it says must have ASUS Data Transfer Version 2.050.098 or later, but only version available for download via Google play is 2.048.097
RUS Level 1 | All posts
This app does not work with M1
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Thanks for your sharing.
I'd like to share more options.
Google photo,Share it  and Mobikin Transfer for Mobile,which can transfer everything between devices.
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I can't transfer from zenfone5 to Max pro m2 
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