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[BUG] Asus Pixelmaster Camera

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Rfqkml_ MYS Level 4 | All posts
Stock, never been modded OS Android Marshmallow on Asus Zenfone GO ZB500KL using Asus Pixelmaster Camera app.

if these settings are checked, the output of the picture will be blank and all the size of the picture will be 2.00bites ;
  • timestamp : ON
  • flash : ON [Force Flash]
  • sound mode on taking picture : ON
  • timer : 5 seconds
  • picture quality : Standard

the output of the picture became 2.00 bites means it doesnt even have raw pictures. thus the moment captured are lost forever. and the picture is just a blank black screen.
tried changing the settings between flash and no flash between these faulty and buggy settings, but the picture came out good and clear as usual when not using flash. but when the flash is turned on with those settings, the picture becomes a bug of 2.00Bites.

I hope you guys got an explanation on this, and need a solution to fix the problems. hit me back when things met the conditions!
Zenfone GO ZB500KL user. Malaysian. 28.

MYS Moderator | All posts
Hmm interesting find, let us look into this.


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Rfqkml_ + 1 let me know when you encountered the same bug. how to fix it and why it happened. the picture is valuable tho. nevermind.

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