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One Hand Mode To Ease In Operating Your Device

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We were given two hands tohold and perform daily tasks. However, there are times when we need tomultitask at work.

Situation #1: Pushing a shoppingcart while scanning through grocery checklist on phone. All of a sudden, anincoming text received that you have to stop walking and free both hands toreply message.

Situation #2: Left hand isoccupied but right thumb is way too short to reach Spotify app on the top leftcorner screen, simply because the smartphone has a bigger size than your hand.
Sounds familiar and ithappens all the time? Worry no more. One Hand Mode helps you to use one hand tooperate your device.

Simple steps like this:

                i.         Go to Settings.

               ii.         Under personalcategory, tap ASUS customized settings

              iii.         Choose ZenMotion

              iv.         Pick your preferredZenMotion among these three options – One Hand Mode

               v.         Enable Quick Trigger.Then, double tap home key for activation

              vi.         Done.

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