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All ZenFans, here’s your chance to get rid ofyour old phone and replace with a high performance gaming beast!

*TAKE NOTE: limited quantity ONLY!


For Facebook Stories:
Step 1: Follow ASUS MalaysiaFacebook.
Step 2: Post a Facebook Storyto tell us why the ZenFone Max Pro is the dream phone you want to swap with!
Step 3: Hashtag #SwapMyPhone #GameKawKaw
Step 4: Save & upload yourstory on the Contest Post, so we don’t miss you out!

For Instagram Stories:
Step 1: Follow ASUS MalaysiaInstagram (
Step 2: Post an Instagram Storyto tell us why the ZenFone Max Pro is the dream phone you want to swap with!
Step 3: Tag us in your Stories& hashtag #SwapMyPhone#GameKawKaw
Step 4: Leave a comment onceyou’re done on the IG Contest Post, so we don’t miss you out!
*Please ensure your profile is set to public mode otherwiseentry is not valid.
Prizes: 30x ASUS ZenFone MaxPro (M1)
Contest period:14 May 2018 (Mon) – 21 May 2018 (Mon)
*Finalsubmission is by 11.59pm 21 May 2018 (Mon).
*Winnerwill be announced on 22 May 2018 (Tues) on ASUS Malaysia Facebook.

1.By submitting an entry, entrants shall be deemed to have read, understood,accepted and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of the competition.
2.This contest is open to residents of Malaysia only, except employees (past orpresent), representatives or agents (and those with whom such persons areliving, whether related or not) of “ASUSTek Computer Malaysia Sdn Bhd” (CompanyRegistration No. 691503-T ) (the “Promoter”), their respective parentcompanies, subsidiaries, dealers, affiliates, and any entity involved in thedevelopment, production, administration, judging or fulfillment of the Contest(collectively, the “Contest Parties”), and where prohibited by law.
3.The decision of ASUS Malaysia is final and irrevocable. ASUS Malaysia reservesthe right to deem invalid any entries with incomplete and questionablerequirements. Prizes and tokens are non-transferable and non-convertible tocash.
4.ASUS Malaysia reserves the right to modify rules, cancel and/or extend thecontest at any time for any reason without notice or prior warning.
5.ASUS Malaysia reserves the right to disqualify the winner should there be anydiscrepancies or issues found, even after the official announcement of thewinner.
6.Winners' name may be published in advertising material or in the press.

GOOD LUCK and together we #SwapMyPhone and #GameKawKaw!

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With Zenfone Max Pro, i'll have game-changing sophistication and versatile performance to passionately capture picturesque moments and share the positive inspiration to touch countless hearts from all around the world.

I & ASUS go places with smiley 😍 faces ... In Search Of Incredible !


My Dream Phone

Last edited by jeolbackman15301.jb on 2018/5/19 17:03

Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 is my dream Smartphone because it has massive amount of battery power, 5000mAh!Surprisingly it weighs only 180gram.I can play games all day long without any issues about battery,Plus this phone provides fast charging so I dont have to wait too long to get it fully charged,impressive.This phone also offers Smooth gaming experience and performance because of the powerful SD 636 chipset and The Pure Android Build,The true limitless gaming experience.Antutu reading on this phone is 116.000+,which is Unexpected for entry-level Smartphone,Shock to dead.Gyroscope sensor also give better gaming exp for some game like PUBG MOBILE. The full metal design of this phone looks really solid and elegant.There's a triple slot for 2 sim card and a micro sd card(support up to 2 TB(awesome)),so I can use all of them at the same time,unlike hybrid slots on other phones.Speaker On this phone Explosively loud,thanks to exclusive 5 Magnet Speaker Tech with NXP Smart AMP .Dual camera set-up also one of my fav features,the picture looks great and it can shoot on portrait mode.This phone also supports 4k video recording.Front camera on this phone is 16MP(6gb) camera that also can shoot portrait mode.Fingerprint and Face Unlock also give this phone higher security level.Premium Full metal body,Beautiful IPS LCD,18:9 full view display,great performance,Triple slots,Loud 5 magnet speaker tech,Dual camera Set-up,Pure Android OS,Massive battery,This phone definitely a STUNNER.Great Job Asus!#SwapMyPhone #GameKawKaw #LimitlessGaming
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Last edited by leevk12345 on 2018/5/18 17:46

The zenfone max pro m1 definitely can wins the title of 'best budget gaming smartphone' out there

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Reason why Asus Zenfone Max Pro is my dream phone:

1. It got really huge battery!! So I can play games and watch YouTube for hours, my current phone only have 3200 mAh and it drain so fast ugh!

2. I really love the stock/pure Android, because the Ui is smooth and fast and aren't clutter with pre installed app, unlike my current phone that's keeps lagging, really hate the lag

3. The Max Pro have a modern design which I really like about it.

4. It uses the Snapdragon 636, which is perfect for playing games at high performance ( especially when playing PUBG ) my current phone can't even run pubg 😭 and also it uses 4/6 gb of ram which means I can do a lot of multitasking! woohoo!!

5. Expandable storage? yes please, I can install a lot games on my phone like Vainglory, Honkai impact 3, Real racing, Mobile legend, Pubg and etc, other than that I can also store a lot of photo and video 👍

6. Dual camera setup!!! with this I can be able to Take bokah photo and zoom really far than my usual phone

7. The max pro have fast charging capability which I really like, with fast charging I don't have to wait too long for my phone to charged


ASUS awesome phone! 👍
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The ZenFone Max Pro is my ultimate dream phone becuase the phone have something that i really wanted, that is:-
1.5000mAh battery capacity for last long battery life when im playing games and the battery can support fast charging.
2.Pure Android is i like the most because there are no added user interface feature or extra apps that cannot be removed which makes the phone work faster.3.The snapdragon 636 isthe latest schipset comes with enchanced gaming and display technology can record and playback 4K ultra HD footage at 30fps and 1080p at up to 120fps so that i can make live stream with clearer display.
4.IPS screen which is clearer and have better viewing angles is the best for me when playing games or watching movies using the ZenFone Max Pro

The ZenFone Max Pro is enough for me to "HAVE IT ALL"
therefore, i am willing to swap my phone XD

PS: One of my friend is about to buy a new phone, i tell him to wait because the ZenFone Max Pro is coming out soon. I tell him about the Zenfone Max Pro and he was so stunned with the phone spec.
he's in dilemma till now XD

my facebook name is Muhammad Fathurahman

my instagram name is mfza_

My Ultimate Dream Phone

My Ultimate Dream Phone
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ASUS ZenFone Max Pro is the dream phone I want to swap with my Doogee X5 Max Pro for the few reasons mentioned below:

#SwapMyPhone #GameKawKaw

1. Build Quality

The X5 Max Pro is build is made out of plastic and weights a hefty 168g while the ZenFone Max Pro is built to last using solid metal and weights in just 12g more (at 180g).

2. Chipset
The X5 Max Pro uses the entry-level MT6737 chipset while the ZenFone Max Pro uses the advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 for a smooth and responsive performance.

3. AnTuTu Score
The X5 Max Pro scores a lowly 26,000 on the AnTuTu benchmark while the ZenFone Max Pro blows away the competition with a phenomenal score of 116,618 (4.48x more).

4. Rear Camera
The X5 Max Pro only have a 5MP camera to boast while the ZenFone Max Pro has a 13MP rear camera that captures clearer photos and a secondary camera for potraits.

5. Display Size / Resolution
The X5 Max Pro 5" display barely pushes 294 PPI but the ZenFone Max Pro 5.99" full view display pushes a higher 403 PPI for a sharper, clearer and immersive contents.

6. Battery Capacity
The X5 Max Pro might have a big battery at 4,000 mAh but the ZenFone Max Pro totally bulldozes it with an even bigger 5,000 mAh battery capacity for that massive stamina.

7. *BONUS* Operating System
The X5 Max Pro is forever stuck on Android 6 Marshmallow while the ZenFone Max Pro offers a pure Android experience with Android 8.1 Oreo and promised future updates.

The Tale of 2 Max Pros

The Tale of 2 Max Pros
Last edited by harizzulkifli93 on 2018/5/18 19:37

ZenFone Max Pro is my dream phone because the specification and design meet my requirement more than other brand. With Pure android 8.1 oreo, will provide a smooth experience and quick update. Come with octa core 1.8 kyro 260, SD 636 ,adreno 509, internal up to 6gb , Big capacity battery ,triple slot card,dual camera and 4k video make a perfect smartphone. ASUS .Today is my birthday. Cannot give me free ke ??
1.jpg 2.jpg
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This is me who always stuck doing everthing with my old phone!

Time to change a new one with Asus Zenfone Max Pro!
Affordable, Suitable, Usable and Stylish - only with ASUS
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Last edited by j3ffs on 2018/5/19 08:42

Finally my dream phone is coming....

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