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[Tips] [ZenFans Review] Zenfone max pro M1 Gaming, Benchmarking and battery review

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suraj0606 IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

Hey guys I am back with another article on the ZENFONE MAX PRO M1. and this time we are going to do the benchmarking gaming and battery test on this phone..
Snapdragon 636 is one of the most power efficient processor of Qualcomm because it is made up on the 14nm process.. It also provides one of the best performance in the mid range segment smartphones so it is one of the most balanced processor from Qualcomm

Before we start with any test let's go through some of the specifications of the phone.
So Asus zenfone max pro M1 is powered by snapdragon 636 chipset which is one of the most powerful chip in the midrange section.. It is supported by Adreno 509 GPU 3GB of RAM. The phone comes with full HD+ Display which makes your gaming experience even more better.. So now let's start with the Benchmarking scores..


So these are all the benchmark scores that I got through different apps comparing this phone with other phones like xiaomi redmi note 5 which has the same processor the Antutu score of zenfone max pro M1 is better then that of xiaomi redmi note 5 pro thanks to the stock Android given by Asus.


Asphalt extreme

Cover Fire

Modern combat 5

Asphalt 8

Gear club

Dead effect

Battery Test

So as we all know one of the USP of this phone is the massive 5000mAh battery. So how does that 5000mAh battery perform does it really give some amazing experience or it's just a gimmick so to find this out I tested the phone very extensively from the point of view of a normal user as well as from the point of view of Hardcore user. Well if you don't know then let me tell you snapdragon 636 is the most power efficient processor of Qualcomm so you may guess how well would be the battery life of this phone.

So here is the battery stats that we get on light usage of the phones like for using YouTube for most, location is  on all the time almost.. Browsing internet using map and some normal day to day usage which also include using mobile data . So here is how much battery I got from the device .

So we get around 11 hours of Screen out time and the battery last for almost 1.5 days.. Which is so insane...
So you never runs out of battery if you buy this phone

While the phone used very heavily means  when you play lot of games browse thorough internet use whatsapp etc the  the phone last almost for 1 whole day. And you get almost 8 hours of screen on time.. So it's not a bad deal you can charge your phone in the night and and use it for the whole day.

So many of u are asking that the 5000mAh battery may surely take a lot of time to charge. Well coming on this Asus says the phone supports fast charging but the 10W charger present in box is not a fast charger but still your phone is charging at a good speed with that charger. So here is the charging time of the phone .

0-50% - 50minutes
0-70% - 1hour 20 minutes
0-90% - 2 hours
0-100% 2 hours 40 minutes
Well this time is not so bad as it has a 5000mAh battery so it obviously takes time to charge. But if u are in hurry someday still you can charge your phone upto 70% in just 80 minutes.which can survive for the whole day of your uses.

My opinions

As per me the phone seems to be perfect in all the departments be it performance, battery. It can run heavy to heavy games on the best graphic settings very easily and I don't even find any heating while playing games for  even longer times yeah the temperature rises but it goes maximum to 40 degree after  a Gameplay of around 30 minutes continously.. And for playing heavy games all day long the massive 5000maAh battery is very helpful.
So in terms of Performance and battery this phone never let's you down..

So that's all from this article hope you guys like it plz let me know your your thoughts on this phone in the comment section below...

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TWN Administrator | All posts
Good sharing!!
IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
nice, and a very thorough review about the gaming performance.
IND Level 1 | All posts
Please also mention that the phone does not have a UI, which makes the life of people like us who are technologically novices and just need a good workphone - really miserable, as we have to spend time on the internet to find applications that will run on this phone, and waste their time uselessly.
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