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[More Information Needed] Zenfone Max Plus M1 - Battery problems

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swabesmooth PHL Level 1 | All posts
Has someone fixed this problem on their device? I read almost all posts regarding my problem and followed them (updates etc) but my battery still drains ridiculously fast esp for a supposedly 4000 mAh battery. Maybe its not software problem and its really not a 4000 mAh battery? Regardless, this is really bad look for Asus. Dissappointed.
Hi friends, please following process done.
Battery calibration ,only.
After 4 to 5 days, continue charged mobile till 100%.

Then check it.
See,how to battery calibration...........................
Hello swabesmooth
Are you talking about battery drains in standby mode or in use?
If you think that there’s battery draining in standby mode, please charge your phone to full before going to sleep, and leave it unused and unplugged overnight. Please capture 2 screenshots as below on the next morning before you use your phone and tell me how many percentage of power the phone has consumed overnight:
1. Battery : settings> Battery
2. History details : settings> Battery> please click the sheet
Thank you
MYS Level 1 | All posts

I am from Malaysia and after 2 attempts to repair my max plus M1 the results are very dissapointing and the problem is not settled ! I have concluded that this is a failure model from ASUS and we need to get a refund or a replacement option with a better model. We have to start to petition to ASUS to replace the model we bought with a better stable model.

I lost my trust and confidence with ASUS support and I am reluctant to keep sending the phone for repair.We need the ASUS management to jump in and give us a better solution/replacement/refund option.

Below the details of my case.
Case no: A1802104117
DATE: 22-02-18

Case no: A180302870
DATE: 1-03-18
PHL Level 1 | All posts
my phone drain 100%-98% in 5 second pls... solve this problem
IND Level 1 | All posts
Battery performance is very poor as they say it's a huge battery. Also phone has speaker clearity problem in full volume. Not so clear as compared to other phones. Screen touch issue also there in my phone. Such a pathetic service. Yes we need a replacement for such amount we spent.

IND Level 1 | All posts
Front Camera colours as not good as expected so Asus plz release an update and fix this problem 
PHL Level 1 | All posts
i got encounter in terms of calling some one. when i tried to call my wife then choose sim 1 or sim 2 and choose sim 2 it stuck about 8 seconds before i make a call unlike my previous asus zenfone 5, zenfone 2 laser, zenfone max 5.5! idk what happened to this phone becoz i just bought last 9.15.2018. nd i hate that baterry due to easily heat and my last concerned is THERE'S NO OREO UPDATE? JUNE OR JULY 2018 PROMISED TO RELEASED THAT UPDATE!!!!
I just bought a lower variant of zenfone max plus m1 the zenfone max m1.. i noticed that after charging to 100 percent maybe a few minutes battery went already to 98.. also i notice that my battery drains fast...
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