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[Tips] Photo competition among flagships - ZenFone 4 Pro, U11 and S8

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Wayne_ASUS TWN Moderator | All posts
This time Zenfone 4 pro also came out with multi-frame synthesis processing noise reduction technology, and you can feel how powerful it actually is when taking photos.

The HDR processing effect of ZF4 pro for the bright parts are close to HDR+ and has high dynamic range. Judging from the shutter, it also seems to have the ZSL (Zero Shutter Lag) advantage. However, from my experience of taking photos with ZF4pro recently, it seems to use more reserved processing for dark parts and doesn’t seem as strong in how it processes over-exposure.
Also, ZF4P seems to process the parts on the screen that are too bright automatically whether HDR was enabled or not.

Simple explanation of the photo shoot this time:

Handheld shooting + auto HDR were used for photos shot during the day (5pm to 6pm in the evening before it turned dark)

A tripod and a two-secondcount down were used for all night shots
   Night shooting:
·        Some used manual (the parameters were set the same for all) mode
·        Some used Auto mode with auto HDR
·        Some used Auto mode with HR enabled
·        The parameters used for each set of photos will be explained

Click the photo to view the large original photo

Handheld shooting and auto HDR

First set:
ZF4P 1/60 seconds ISO-70

U11 1/60 seconds ISO-160

S8+ 1/60 seconds ISO-160

In this set we can see that U11 and S8+ had brighter colors; the colors of ZF4P were closer to the colors seen in-person while on-site (personal feeling).

Second set:
ZF4P 1/255 seconds ISO-25

U11 1/731 seconds ISO-80

S8+ 1/323 seconds ISO-40

In this set, the image from S8+ looked the brightest. Also, I mentioned earlier that ZF4P had more reserved HDR processing for the dark parts, which can be seen in this set. Although auto HDR was used, the HDR was enabled on ZF4P in this set.
Which one you prefer depends on you; but I think most people will prefer the processing of S8+?

Third set:
ZF4P 1/378 seconds ISO-25

U11 1/571 seconds ISO-79

S8+ 1/302 seconds ISO-79

Hmm… U11 has the best details, S8+ has the brightest image, and the proper image of ZF4P has more light and dark levels. Personally, my favorite for this set is the photo by ZF4P.

Tripod shooting under low light, manual mode
First set:
ZF4P 1/4 seconds ISO-100

U11 1/4秒 ISO-99

S8+ 1/4 seconds ISO-100

From this set we can see that under the same parameter conditions, the image of ZF4P is brighter and the details are clearer(more details and contour were shown on the house behind and the wall towards the bottom-right).
S8+ had the worst detail performance under Pro mode, and it also had the darkest brightness.

Second set:
ZF4P 2 seconds ISO-100

U11 2 seconds ISO-99

S8+ 2 seconds ISO-100

In this set, under the same conditions, although ZF4P over-exposed but in other words, ZF4P can use lower ISO to take photos as bright as the other two phones; I believe the details are even better than U11and S8+.

Tripod shooting, low light, Auto mode, auto HDR
ZF4P 1/10 seconds ISO-2041

U11 1/9 seconds ISO-2939

S8+ 1/10 seconds ISO-800

In this set we can see that even with HRD disabled on ZF4P, it automatically processed the over-exposed parts (although it is slightly blurry).
S8+ did a good job processing, but there were still parts that were over-exposed. U11 has rich details but it didn’t seem to process the over-exposed parts.

This post contains more resources..

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CAN Level 3 | All posts
Last edited by explorer2020 on 2018/4/3 22:10

In the 2s nightshot, Zenfone 4 pro is actually the worst right?. 
IND Level 5 | All posts
I don't see much difference between those photos buy surely zf4 struggles in low lighting conditions 
IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
the photos are nice, i love it.
good sharing
IDN Level 7 | All posts
Woow great comparation. Love it. Nice share, sir
IDN Level 7 | All posts
good sharing
Great comparison! Zenfone 4 Pro surely competes with other flagship smartphones in mobile photography
IND Level 2 | All posts
Great comparison🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
PHL Level 3 | All posts
what about a photo taken by zen3z for comparison as well?
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