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[Unbox] 【ZenFone 4 Pro Review】Flagship of ultimate beauty with dual cameras!

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When it comes to dual camera phones, all of the ZenFone 4 series released by ASUS this time used the dual camera design, but the two cameras of its flagship phone are different! The dual camera used on the ZenFone 4 Pro does not have wide-angle lens, but 2x optical zoom lens! Anyhow, let’s first take a look at the appearance of the phone!

Beautiful flagship! Unboxing of dual camera phone with ultimate aesthetics!

The king of unboxing is here for unboxing again! This time we are unboxing the ZenFone 4 series’ flagship model ZenFone 4 Pro. ZenFone 4 Pro is equipped with the ultimate in aesthetics design, and integrated luxury into every detail to bring unparalleled photography experience. When I first saw this noble and extraordinary ZenFone 4 Pro in front of me, I truly felt as if a powerful force was attracting me to it. Let’s get started with the unboxing!

▲The unboxing of ZenFone 4 Pro this time was very stylish, completely different from the package design of other models of ZenFone 4. The text “WE LOVE PHOTO” can be seen once it was opened.

▲What’s special is that it had to be opened from the side where the ZenFone 4 Pro flagship phone was hidden; it stood up as soon as it was opened. Isn’t that cool?

▲Besides the phone, there were two other boxes hidden inside the main box; the box on the left with the words WE LOVE PHOTO contained many accessories including the adapter, transmission cable, headphones, SIM ejector and warranty card etc. Everything that should be included was all in that box already; so what’s in the box on the right? It turns out that ASUS had thoughtfully included a genuine protective case!

ZenFone 4 Pro is beautiful no matter how many times you look at it! This is because the design of ZenFone 4 Pro displayed a more diverse and revolutionary style compared to other ZenFone models, giving it unique beauty and bringing an unparalleled user experience. Whether it is the “Pure Black” or “Moonlight White”, the front and back of ZenFone 4 Pro is equipped with 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass, and the exquisite diamond cut metal edge frame emits an air of attractive glamorous luxury. ZenFone 4 Pro is so beautiful that it can no longer satisfy the appetite of the king of unboxing.  

▲The color of ZenFone 4 Pro’s glass panel looks slightly metal-gray, making it look even better!

▲In the front there is a HOME button that integrated fingerprint identification and provides 0.3 second quick unlocking; the front camera is equipped with quick phase detection auto-focus, as well as F1.9aperture and 1.4 micrometer pixel size Sony IMX319 sensor, and the independent image engine ASUS SuperPixel™ that can enhance sensitivity up to 2x, allowing you to take clear, vivid and beautiful selfies whether indoors or outdoors at day or night.

▲ZenFone 4 Pro’s advanced dual camera is equipped with the industry’s leading Sony® IMX362 sensor, able to take photos with 8x the brightness and clarity under low light source. It is equipped with a 16megapixel camera with 2x optical zooming and 10x digital zooming.

▲ZenFone 4 Pro has passed Hi-Res Audio certification, and supports 24 bit / 192kHz (4x the quality of CD) audio playback. It also supports the DTS Headphone: X™ and has theater level 7.1 channel virtual surround sound, providing the best audio experience.

▲This headphone included with ZenFone 4 Pro is very chic; it looks like ZenEar but with better sound quality.

▲Not only does the appearance of ZenFone 4 Pro look good, it’s hardware is even more powerful, making me want to buy one right away.

In my previous unboxings, I unboxed the ZenFone 4 series phones equipped with 120 degree wide angle lens, but this time I got the flagship model ZenFone 4 Pro, so of course I had to take ZenFone 4 Pro out to test its performance and see the powerful performanc eof the 2x optical focus camera. I just took a simple set of photos for comparison, and detailed testing will be done in my next article!  

▲Can you clearly see the difference? When you look from afar it is a small rock, but when you zoom in it is a huge rock. I honestly think this phone is very powerful and distance will no longer be a problem when taking photos with it. I can take hidden photos from now on~ hmm?  

Beautiful dual cameraflagship ZenFone 4 Pro

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unfortunately not present in Indonesia
<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Zenfone 4  Pro chụp rất đẹp</font></font>
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I love zenfone
when is available in indonesian market?
Lovely and premium Zenfone 4 Pro! Hope to have this one soon (or probably the new Zenfone 5 )
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