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[Finished] 【Moderator’s Challenge】Accomplish and win 10000 Points!  Close

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Zen_Aakash IND Moderator | All posts
  • Event description
Online event

Event Start: 2018/6/7 15:00
Event End: 2018/7/3 15:00
Type:   Mr. Zen Live
Quota:   Unlimited, more is better!
Qualification:   Not Limited
Last edited by Zen_Aakash on 2018/8/9 11:59
Hello ZenFans! This is our final round in Red Vs. White ZenFans Face-off!.
Tag your team mate to accomplish Moderator’s challenge, and win 1000 Points for your team!
No winners (Minimum Participation not Met)

【# How to Participate?】
  • Leave a message under this thread to tell others why you want to win, such as:
    e.g., I want to win Latest ZenFone _(what you want to do with it)_ , so _(your team)_must win!

【# Rewards】
  • Challenge Beater:  The team with more valid replies wins! This team will win 10,000 Red/White Points!
  • (For example, if Team Red has 400 valid replies and Team White has 250 valid replies, then Team Red will get 10,000 Points.)

【# Important Notes】
  • The winning team will be announced on the top of this thread.
  • The prize "Challenge Beater" will be CANCELED should the total valid replies failed to reach 100 people.
  • 10,000 Red/White Points of prize "Challenge Beater" will be added to winning team by moderators on July, 4th.
  • ZenTalk reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, make changes, or suspend the event,as well as rights of final interpretation. All changes will be announced on ZenTalk forum.
  • By participating in this activity, you agree to abide by ZenTalk ForumTerms & Conditions.

IND Level 5 | All posts
want to win Latest ZenFone _(I want to click good quality pictures with it)_ , so _(Team Red)_must win!
IND Level 7 | All posts
Want to win Latest ZenFone_(I want to sell it for money and that money for food & that food for some poor people who are living in hungry day & night)_ ,so _(Team Red)_must win!xj_event
IND Level 3 | All posts
want the latest zenfone and the team to win is Whitexj_event
Want to win Latest Zenfone_(i want to gift it to my cousin brother who loves gaming and photography who cant ask for a good phone from his parents )_so_(Team White)_must win!
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
I want to win Latest ZenFone _So that I can enjoy the Latest Camera with AI Features & the all New 19:9 display, its just awesome._ , so _Team White_must win!xj_event
IND Level 1 | All posts
I want to win  latest asus zenfone because i want to enjoy the cool experience of high quality gaming and the best professional level photography with it.xj_event
IND Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by kanwerc on 2018/6/10 10:45

I want to win Latest ZenFone _(A better phone with decent features would be a nice to have , for videography ,gaming and productivity)_,so(Team white)_must win!xj_event
I want to win Latest ZenFone (experience all latest features of asus and try to find out any bug) , so (Team Red) must win!xj_event
IND Level 1 | All posts
ASUS ZenFone 3 laser Android 8 update xj_event
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