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[Experience Sharing] All you need to know about - The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 636

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Last edited by Zen_Ro on 2018/4/2 17:08

Welcome to all new series of 'All you need to know about'. This week, lets look at the latest new offering from Qualcomm for higher mid-range Android devices - The Snapdragon 636 SoC. The all new Zenfone 5 is equipped with the SD636, and is future ready for next generation content like AAA gaming performances, also at the same time it is going to offer equal amount battery efficiency. Lets dive in deep.....


1) Superb computing power thanks to the Kryo 260 CPU architecture:

The internet is heading towards super content rich experiences. Acheiving a near '60fps-like' all-round experience on a smartphone requires a beefy high-end chipset. With the SD636, its possible to bring that high-end flagship performance to a mid-range device, all thanks to the 8 Kryo 260 cores baked in to it. Kryo cores were once only available to chipsets like the 800 series...


The SD636 comprises of 4 heavy-duty cores that are highly customized variants of the ARM's Cortex A73 cores, these cores will do all the heavy lifting works like, intensive gaming, hyper multitasking and more. At the same time, the other four cores are custmized variants of ARM's A53 cores, for handling system and bottom end processing.

To put that in perspective, lets compare to the SD625, we all know its a really good SoC, but its got 8 Vanilla ARM A53 cores, all clocked at 2.0Ghz. So the SD636 with its Kryo 260 cores, is much faster than the SD625 by a huge margin of more than 65%. And while still staying in the price bracket as of the SD625.......Well, now its safe to assume that its time for the 'All-rounder' SD625 to Retire.

2) Super fast camera and imaging with the Spectra 160 ISP

Another major difference that scores over the SD625, is the inclusion of Spectra 160 Image Signal Processor. This too was a part of the high-end Qualcomm processors. With it, the smartphones with the SD636 can have cameras upto 24MP, shoot 4K, and shoot 1080 at 120fps too. It also helps shoot accurate Bokeh/Portrait shots as the SD636 supports Parallax Depth Mapping, meaning it can use 2 camera sensors to analyze depth data, just like a human eye looks at its 3-Dimensional world


The Spectra 160 ISP also helps the camera to focus faster with the support for hybrid focussing. All in all, the ISP helps a mid-range smartphone to feature and offer high-end camera experiences..

3) Faster, more Powerful Gaming and Entertainment with the Adreno 509 GPU :

Another sureshot upgrade over the SD625, by a significant margin is the inclusion of the Adreno 509 GPU. The 509 has better more native support for 18:9 high performance displays. The GPU itself is clocked higher, there by making it an ideal offering for a blistering cool 1080p+ gaming.


The SD636 supports two cool new tech  - Firstly the Qualcomm TruPallete, which drastically improves the color accuracy of the content displayed. It makes sure the display is able to put out the maximum color gamut it supports. The next is called as Qualcomm's EcoPix technology, this ensures that the display is able to adapt according to the changing outdoor ambient lighting....meaning, it can adjust and adapt the contrast levels to improve the day-light readability.

4) Great Power efficiency thanks to a 14nm CPU Fabrication :

14nm might be mainstream today, as 10nm SoC's have already manifested. But even with 14nm fabrication, the SD636 processor is a power-efficient one. It saps more or less the same power as the outgoing SD625, this assures you that you shall still get the same battery life, but with significant hike in performance. Plus, with a 14nm process, you get an SoC that has a smaller footprint, and that in turn means a slimmer more powerful smartphone.


5) On the go, much faster with QuickCharge 4.0 :

Well, almost everybody knows about QuickCharge, and how increasing versions means even quicker charging. The interesting part is that its helping to counter limitations of current battery technologies. It can charge from 0 to a 50% in a record breaking 15 minutes (with average battery capacities), thats astounding!!!. It also incorporates efficient algorithms to help your batteries charge faster and super safely at the same time.


6) Super fast download speeds with the X12 LTE support :

Another feature from flagship specs, is the uber fast data download speeds of upto 600Mbps all thanks to X12 LTE support. Sadly, our vast country is yet to shape up in terms of network an technology infrastructures....But, its future ready for next generation of Internet Content.


7) Amazing audio with Qualcomm's Aqstic CODEC :

Amazing Entertainment is never complete with exceptional Audio quality, and thats exactly why the SD636 comes baked with the Qualcomm Aqstic CODEC. It enables flawless playback for lossless music with support upto 192kHz or 24bit. Making bluetooth audio way better is Qualcomm's AptX tech, with it, bluetooth audio would've never been an HD experience. It helps minimize the latencies between bluetooth encoding and decoding. ALSO, It helps putting out cleaner audio for calls, making sure you hear everything the speaker/caller has to say without missing the detail and clarity.


8) Neural Processing and more with Hexagon 680 DSP :

AI is now a thing, and we never expected AI to be widely available through smartphones first. With the Hexagon 680 DSP, it manages to put the SMART in Smartphones, making it ready for developers to code for AI in their apps without any complicated middle hardware technology. With the All-Ways Aware hub, the DSP is able to know whats happening with the smartphone using its sensors. This helps to acheive functions from a smartphone that have never been previously possible, for an eg. - Using a smartphone as a pedometer, or more futuristically - its even possible to navigate indoors with just the phone sensor data.


With these and some more features on board, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 is a superb choice for gamers and entertainment fans on a budget. Well, may be now you'd know exactly why we chose the SD636 for the new Zenfone 5.


Let me know what you think of the new Snapdragon 636, what you like and dislike about its features.....

Oh, just one more thing - There is something exciting in the works at ASUS, just for you ZenFans!!!

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"5 minutes of charging gets us 5 hrs of battery life" !😮
This is an amazing feature. I have fallen in love with this processer SD636. Excited to use ZenFone 5 for 5 hrs battery life in just 5 minutes !!!
IND Level 2 | All posts
Ok the what about ZenFone 3 ze552kl is that powerful processor can you send full detail
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Well SD636 could be a boost for upcoming Phones. 
Hey I wanna know, SD636 supports Quick Charge 4.0 so will Zenfone 5 be supporting this..???
IND Level 2 | All posts
Wow So nice and powerful snapdragon 636
IND Level 3 | All posts
Last edited by Neo® on 2018/4/26 04:53

Processors/Chipsets will be powerful if and only if the phone manufacturers make use of them to the fullest.

Eg: Quick Charge, HEVC Encoding, etc.

IND Level 3 | All posts
Also, I prefer SD660 over SD636. Please refer
IND Level 1 | All posts
Then why Max Pro M1 not supports Qualcomm Quick charge which used SD636?
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