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iamianthugsz PHL Dr.Zen | All posts
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The latest addition to the Asus Zenfone lineup was formally unveiled last January 14, 2018 at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City – the Zenfone Max Plus M1.Though it was not a flagship device, it was their first offering for this year and they did a lot of buzz since the first day of the year. Dubbed as the #BatteryKing, the Zenfone Max Plus boasts a whopping 4130mAh of battery for its 18:9 display. It also has a facial unlock feature which is a great added feature considering its local pricing of P11,995 – the cheapest smartphone with this feature if I’m not mistaken. They hype got even better for the onsite buyers which got the chance to take home some exclusive onsite freebies with a total price of P7595.

A quick rundown first of Zenfone Max Plus (M1) specs
ASUS Zenfone MaxPlus Specs:
·        MediaTek 6750TProcessor
·        4GB RAM
·        5.7-inch 18:9 full HD+IPS Display
·        32G Internal Storage
·        16-megapixel f/2.0primary camera and 8-megapixel wide angle rear camera with PDAF
·        8-megapixel f/2.0front camera
·        4G, LTE
·        Dual SIM
·        WiFi, Bluetooth
·        GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS,Fingerprint Scanner
·        4130mAh battery
Full specs

Unboxing and Aestethics
What’s in the box is the Zenfone Max Plus itself and the usual accessories that come with it. Data Cable, wall charger, OTG cable (used for reverse charging), ZenEar and a couple pairs of extra ear buds, sim ejector, a clear TPU case, manual, and warranty card.


Seeing the Zenfone Max Plus is more like similar to the Zenfone 4 Max except for the fingerprint scanner. The Zenfone Max Plus is framed in a premium metal body with rounded sides and edges. It is available in three color variants: the Deepsea Black, Azure Silver, and Sunlight Gold. What I have with me is the Deepsea Black.

(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page

Zenfone Max Plus’ one main feature is that is has an 18:9 aspect ratio on 5.7-inchdisplay on a 5.2-inch body and is backed up with a Full HD (2160x1080)resolution. As being said, it is also ASUS’ first smartphone with the 18:9 feature.

(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page
(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page

Gaming with the Zenfone Max Plus has somehow surprised me. I have been using Zenfone 3 for over a year now and with the Zenfone Max Plus, it handled the games that I usually play good enough, mostly on high settings.

You can check them out at the links below:
P.S. I have to apologize for being quite noob in gaming. Lol.

Game Test on Zenfone Max Plus feat. Kritika: The White Knights Part 1

Game Test on Zenfone Max Plus feat. Kritika: The White Knights Part 2

Game Test on Zenfone Max Plus feat.Implosion

Game Test on Zenfone Max Plus feat.Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Game Test on Zenfone Max Plus feat. Arena of Valor Part 1

Game Test on Zenfone Max Plus feat. Arena of Valor Part 2

Zenfone Max Plus features a dual rear camera system, a 16MP f/2.0 main camera and an 8MP f/2.4 wide angle secondary camera. It also has a 8MP front facing camera. Whilethe Max Plus’ main shooter is pretty decent enough to capture good quality photos, its wide angle lens is a bit distorted on the sides. Its performance onlow light also performs good enough.

(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page

Sample photos taken from my Zenfone Max Plus

Auto Normal


Auto Normal vs. Auto Wide Angle


Auto Normal vs. Auto 4x Zoom (Max)


Lowlight: Auto vs. Auto Wide Angle

It also has other camera features as most of the zenfone lineup.


And what I love the most about its camera is it ca do long exposure shots. Unlike the Zenfone 4 Max that only has a 3 sec shutter speed, you can do more light trails and light paintings with the Max Plus.

ISO 100 S 8secs Manual Focus WB Auto

OS, UI, Apps, and Storage
The Zenfone Max Plus runs in Android Nougat, which I feel it would be better if it was released on Oreo. But knowing Asus, I would believe that they might have it upgraded to Android Oreo anytime soon. The Max Plus also has the latest ZenUI 4.0 which I personally liked having the minimalistic feel and most of the unnecessary apps/bloatwares were reduced.


(C) Google Images

It has three slots that has an allocation for the dual sim and the last slot dedicated forthe micro SD card for additional storage. 32GB supports up to 256GB via MicroSD. Even though I am only using one sim slot, I think that this was a good move rather than having a dual slot but the other one is a hybrid slot. And it's LTE supported, too.

(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page

Battery Life
Being dubbed as the “Battery King”, Asus packed a 4130mAh of battery for the ZenfoneMax Plus. Though it was lesser than that of the Zenfone 4 Max, a normal usage would last an average of 8-9 hours.

(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page

Doing a more complex usage, like gaming and photography, would definitely drain its juice faster. It brought me to an 11 hours of maximum “possible” consumption on a casual usage, included the estimated 3hrs remaining, being my longest usage on a single charge.
Charging up the takes me at around 2hours which is pretty nice considering its huge battery capacity thanks to its added fast charging feature, which also makes the Max Plus as the only first of the Max series with fast charging capability.


Aside from theusual security feature of smartphone of today, having a finger print scanner added to your smartphone is already good enough. But having also face unlock feature is way better. And with the price range of the Zenfone Max Plus, it is one of the most affordable, if not the most with the face unlock technology. And thatis a very good value for money.

(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page

It has been more than a month now since I got my hands on the Zenfone Max Plus and I must say that it fits for those individuals that is always on the go. Individuals who would always want to have the peace of mind that their smartphone would last most of the day. Those people that would be less needing their pwerbanks or even finding wall sockets to charge up their phones from time to time. Those individuals who could do gaming and photography while they are having their spare time. The Zenfone Max Plus would be the best fit for them.

(C) ASUS Philippines Facebook page

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PHL Level 1 | All posts
Why in malaysia they release  this with 16 megapixel  front camera and here in Philippines  only 8 megapixel what happened?
iamianthugsz PHL Dr.Zen | All posts
nablejhomar28 posted on 2018/3/9 00:40
Why in malaysia they release  this with 16 megapixel  front camera and here in Philippines ...

Its Asus marketing i guess. they decide what model to be released on a specific country. that is also why we are seeing some grey units sold here in the philippines because they are not officially released.
MYS Level 1 | All posts
After the new update the double tap to wake up gesture doesn't seem to be working. Pls take this issue into consideration because it is a real hassle to press the power button every time when i want to just glance over incoming notifications. Thank you.
IND Level 1 | All posts
Why do we have to restart the phone frequently to get network and Data connection
PHL Level 1 | All posts
my phone is verry fast to battery down. 4k mah but the life of battery is only 4hrs or 5.
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Recently bought Zenfone Max Plus last 6th of July but just on the 21st, the device just gone dead. It was only 15 days!!! Battery level was at 88% at that time.  Went to the store where I bought it and was advised that I need to bring it to the service center.  WTH! I neither dropped the phone nor  extremely used it.  I requested for a new device but the tech guy said they need to check the device first.  And now I need to wait for 5-10 days as advised by the service center.  Bad experience! Still waiting.
I recommend you not to buy this one for a better game experience
too laggy when it comes to high qualities performances even though with a normal graphics and lower frames it is still too laggy (exp. PUBG Player Unknown Battle Ground) plus the way too fast to drain youre battery and heating up soo badly
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Even on standby mode, battery is continuesly draining.
PHL Level 1 | All posts
do not buy this product, Im a very disappointed costumers and super pissed. battery is trash, 4130? zzz my old phone is better than this piece of trash. 
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