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[Replied] [App] Zenfone ShareLInk APP and PC Software vs Wifi-Go??

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dlfisher USA Level 1 | All posts
I was looking for Share Link on the Google Playstore.
Cant' find it. Seems like it was replaced by Asus File Transfer 1.0.02

I cannot find the PC Windows version of this software.
I previously used ShareLink  ... can't find it although my phone still has it installed on it. I needed the PC version of the software.

After looking I coudln't find it and found what I think was the replacment, Asus File Transfer 1.0.02
Then I found that it wants, I think, Wifi-Go?????  I can't find the PC software for this either.

What is going on with Asus Zenfones and their support???  No software, changing things all the time without even putting links in the software to download the counter-parts.  

The Asus File Transfer should have in its software that the PC needs to be installed with '.... and say what and where to get the PC software'.

Please help!

FRA Level 4 | All posts

The ASUS Files Manager app doesn't need to install something on your computer.

Just go to the app and follow this instructions :

Be sure that your phone and PC are connected at the SAME wifi !


ZenLink and ShareLink are no more supported.
Hello dlfisher
Please refer to Sneaky's post
Thank you
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