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Method 1: Reinstall Instagram app the older version

As a result of contacting with official Instagram technical support service it became clear that the company is aware of the problem and soon will release an update of the client. So far, there is only one option to get rid of bugs – need to revert to a previous version of the client. This can be done as follows:

  • Remove Instagram from Android-smartphone;
  • Go to Google Play and disable applications auto-update (“Google Play” -> “Settings” -> “Auto-update applications” -> select “Never”);
  • Download Instagram on this link ( (same official client, but the older version) and install it on your phone. All older version Instagram APK you can find on this site – Free Download Instagram APK Last Version

Method 2: Clear Instagram app data and Cache

If the same issue «Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped» occurs again, then you need to clear the cache and data of the Instagram app:
  • Go to Settings;
  • Application Manager;
  • All app tab;
  • Find Instagram app and select it;
  • Select clear data/Clear cache > Force stop;
  • Done!

Method 3

This error also can occur on Android 4.0.x devices (Ice Cream Sandwich), regardless of Instagram version. To solve it, you must disable the option “Speed ​​up your GPU» in developer parameters. For this:
  • Go to the “Settings”;
  • Find the item “About” and open it;
  • Scroll down to “Build number” and click on it seven times;
  • After the seventh pressing the system will inform the user that he became a developer. Paragraph “For Developers” will appear in the settings of the smartphone between “Print” and “About”;
  • Go to “Developers” find “Speed ​​up your GPU» and remove the check mark.
  • Reboot your smartphone and check the work of Instagram.

om global om?
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Indo Global tampaknya...hahahaha...
iyon_srgn IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
walyatalattaf.hamidi posted on 2018/1/19 09:22
om global om?

Iya,,, saya di tunjuk menjadi dr.zen global
iyon_srgn IDN Dr.Zen | All posts
TheMatrix posted on 2018/1/19 10:22
Indo Global tampaknya...hahahaha...

Global om moderator... Trimakasih supportnya
I am not finding application manager
USA Level 1 | All posts
It is a typical problem for virgos, when their IG stops working. I think you should navigate to this web-site to see how to fix this problem on your own
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Hello. I am looking for a good activity tracker on Instagram. I think you understand what I need. I want to track the activity of my friends on Instagram. Does offer the opportunity to see what anyone likes, who commented on Instagram? Does this app give you the ability to see someone’s likes on Instagram? Thanks, guys for your feedback. I just don’t know if I need to install this application or not?
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I do not face any problem with my modded Instagram application. So, I recommend it for all...
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