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[Tips] Photo Editing Using Asus Gallery's Built-in Editor

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Last edited by hideki elixir on 2018/1/15 16:27

Post processing your photos is one thing most photographers do for some corrections or adjustments. But sometimes it becomes a hassle to import and export your shots to and from a certain photo editing app. The Zenfone's Gallery has already its own photo editor for your quick edits with less hassles guaranteed plus it saves the edited shot on the same folder where the original photo is located.

To edit, just tap the lower-rightmost icon when you view individual photos on your Zenfone photo gallery

A new interface opens which is the built in photo editor:

The first icon from the left contains all the presets/filters that you can instantly apply to your shots. The second one contains borders and the third one is tools for cropping, straightening, rotate, mirror, and draw. While the last is the adjustment tools for exposure, vignette, contrast, graduated, shadows and highlights, vibrance, sharpness, curves, and a lot more.

You can easily undo or redo any edits as the undo and redo option is just located at the top (the arrow icons)

Next to the undo/redo icons is the 3-dot icon which contains other options such as information, show applied effects, manage user presets, and image size.

The Information shows you the EXIF data of the photo:

The Show applied effects shows you the edits you have done step by step:

The Manage user presets saves your current edit into a new preset on which you can use it to apply on other photos:

The Image size basically lets you adjust the resolution and quality of your photo:

Once editing is done, you can save/export the edited shot by just tapping the save icon located on the upper left corner:

Here's a sample of my edit using the Asus Gallery built in photo editor:

original photo (top) vs edited photo (below)

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Good sharing!

Wow Thanks a lot for the Essence and to your appreciation!
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That's a very good helpful post. Keep it on buddy.  
Mr.coolkr posted on 2018/1/17 17:05
That's a very good helpful post. Keep it on buddy.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation!
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can anyone tell me why my phone is processing photos automatically right aftet I took them. When I take a photo and I want to see it right the way my phone shows for a two seconds a phone with a good quality but in the same moment at the bottom of the pic it says "processing" and then the phone changes and saves the photo in a such bad blurry quality. I use Asus ZenFone 4 ZE554KL
Thank you in advance! 
antbez0 posted on 2019/4/14 14:00
can anyone tell me why my phone is processing photos automatically right aftet I took them. When I t ...

Try posting it on a separate thread so that others could help you out
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