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Please send me software update(7.1.1 naught) for ZC550KL .
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no  man  our  device  is  not  suite  for  nought  update  if   it  cover  our   devices  will  be  in  other  problems
At least video calling from native dialer for Z010D. Please update.....
But very long time , no update release for this model.please sent me nought or Oreo 8 update please.......Please.
My family and friends use asus brands.we are also loved asus brands.This time my ASUS max model zc550kl. But when I showing mi phone (y1) than I totally very shocked. Because this phone nought Android version and very fast,lovely features. So plz....plz we want as early as possible nought update.
"ASUS" why not released new system update for ASUS_Z010D(ZC550Kl)?
If you do not have a any plans for new update then go back 10years and make a this time model.
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We need Updates for our ASUS Max. ASUS People I hope you're reading this.👆
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