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[Finished] Asus ZenTalk Dare to Share Contest (Updated)

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Zen_Aakash IND Moderator | All posts
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Online event

Event Start: 2017/12/18 17:32
Event End: 2018/6/16 17:32
Type:   Mr. Zen Live
Quota:   Unlimited, more is better!
Qualification:   Not Limited
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This time we have come up with an interesting contest called "Dare to Share". As name suggests, participants need to share interesting articles on FanShare and they could win a brand new Asus ZenEar.

[Contest Period]

  • 20th December 2017 to 19th January 2018.

[How to Participate]

  • If you are not registered on ZenTalk, register here & then activate your account by clicking on the link you received in your email.
  • Think about Smartphone technology and create something new & interesting i.e. Article, tutorial, Presentation etc. For example: [Exclusive Intro] Meet To Asus ZenFone Series
  • Post them on [FanShare] at least once in a week, must post one creation every week during the contest period.
  • Add "Dare to Share" on the starting of your Article Title.
  • Share this Zentalk Contest on your Facebook and get more people to participate.
  • User can write on their Blog & share their work through Link in this Thread.

[Contest Prize]

  • One ZenEar will be given out to the winner.

[Winner Announcement]

  • 29th January 2018 (Contest Ended) (No Winner)

[Terms & Conditions]

  • Kindly be unique & creative.
  • By posting comments, photographs or any other information on this page, the visitors or users shall be deemed to have authorized ASUS to use such posts on ZenTalk and related ASUS websites, publications and printed materials.
  • By participating in this contest, you agree to abide by [ZenTalk]Terms & Conditions
  • Contest is valid for Indian participants only.
  • All prizes warranty in this Promotion shall be in line with its own warranty regulations.
  • A prize inthis Promotion, in whole or in part, is not allowed to transfer or exchange and cannot be liquidated unless specified otherwise.
  • ASUS reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, make changes, or suspend this Promotion, as well as the rights of final definition. All changes will be announced on ZenTalk.

Contest Idea Sugested by : Romit Sharma (Dr. Zen)

IND Level 5 | All posts
Can we post about any ZenFone or for particular models?xj_event
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Mr.coolkr posted on 2017/12/18 17:18
Can we post about any ZenFone or for particular models?

You can write about anything.                                            xj_event
IND Level 7 | All posts
Oooo....Finally it arrived......I am ready. xj_event
IND Level 2 | All posts
Hello how to participate can any one send link I am already loginxj_event
Zen_Aakash IND Moderator | All posts
Mr.coolkr posted on 2017/12/18 16:48
Can we post about any ZenFone or for particular models?

Any Zenfone or even Smartphone technology. Future technology to be seen revolving around smartphones.xj_event
Zen_Aakash IND Moderator | All posts
RC_CREATURE posted on 2017/12/18 17:57
Oooo....Finally it arrived......I am ready. 

That's great xj_event
Zen_Aakash IND Moderator | All posts
MB79 posted on 2017/12/18 18:33
Hello how to participate can any one send link I am already login

Contest starts from tomorrow. You need to create an article on Fanshare Zentalk India Section. Read about T&C's.xj_event
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