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[Tips] How to Backup and Restore Data ASUS ZENFONE 4/5/6

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How to Backup and Restore Data  ASUS ZENFONE 4/5/6

Data backup is an attempt to create a duplicate or copy of the data and stored elsewhere. While the restore is an attempt to restore duplicate data because erased after his android device reset. Reset is restoring settings android device to its original state as when first launched onto the market. All data and applications are stored and installed after the android used, will be deleted. Other terms known as Hard Reset or Factory settings reset.

Backup Data

When backing up data to note is storing backup data to another storage area or external memory. Because if you want to do a reset on Android devices all the data stored in the internal memory will be erased including data backup file itself. The external memory can be:
  • MicroSD installed on your android device as a second memory after the internal memory.
  • Flashdrive. If you want to store the backup files on the flash drive, always connect Flasdrive to your android device using a USB OTG cable during manufacture of the backup file.
  • Laptop or computer.
  • Google drive

A. Make a backup phone numbers (Contacts) .

The phone number is the most important data to be saved. Here's how to make a backup of contacts or phone numbers from your android device.
  • Open the Contacts application such as Phonebook, Contacts, People or other.
  • Click the menu (the icon in the form of three vertical dots)
  • Click Manage contacts
  • Click the Import / Export
  • Click Export to Storage . The file will be saved in the internal memory to the .vcf format.
  • Click OK.

Phone numbers or Contacts will also be stored in your Google account for android devices in settings automatically sync with your Google account. For me-singkronkan the data with your Google account:

  • Go to Settings
  • Under Accounts, click Google
  • Visible list of your Google account. Click your Google account, if more than one, click the primary / top. There are many applications that have been checked, including Contacts and App data. The checkmark means that the data is backed up. If you have not checked Please unchecked.
  • Click the three vertical dots the top right corner , then click Sync Now to re-sync back.

B. Make a backup of photos - Music - Video - pdf or other document .

Make backups of those files is to drive it to external memory. Common is to move it into the laptop or computer because the data typically requires a large memory with a capacity. Just use any USB cable for connection to a computer. In addition to the fast data transfer, you can choose any file that needs to be saved to the computer. Photo and video files contained in the folder umumya DCM, music files in the music folder, files are downloaded in the Downloads folder.Please move these files from their original folders into the computer.

C. Make backups of SMS .

If you wish to backup SMS, follow the steps below.
  • Open the app SMS
  • From the list of incoming SMS-click menu three vertical dots
  • click Settings
  • Click General Settings
  • In the  SMS Backup / Restore  click Backup SMS .

There are three options:
  • Send out the backup file . Dikrim direct SMS backup file to another through sharing applications that are available.
  • Backup to the device . This means SMS backup file will be saved into the rank of the android itself. If you do this do not forget to move it to an external memory manually using the File Manager or directly copied to the computer right like-way B above.
  • Backup to the device and send out bakcup file . It is a combination of both of the above options.

D. Creating a backup data applications using Backup application .

To create a backup of data with the help of backup applications you should use a backup application that is provided by your android device. This application is the default application (pre-installed) android devices.Here we demonstrated with Backup apps on android Asus.
  • Click the application backup in the applications menu
  • Check the All Data . Here there are two parts:

    • System app the data , which includes key data such as the data contacts (phone numbers), SMS data, Calendar data and settings from the default Android Asus multiple applications. To view any data to be backed up, click the arrow on the right to open the dropdown menu.
    • Installed apps  that contain data settings of the application that you download. But this data will not be restored before you mengisntall the applications.

  • In the dropdown menu there is a choice, Data Only - Apps Only - Data & Apps.
    Please select the data only or data & Apps . The latter option requires a long process and a large storage capacity. If not possible select only data only.
    Before proceeding to the next step, select where stockpiles.

    • If your device already has a MicroSD, backup files will be stored on a microSD external memory automatically. Continue to step 4.
    • If Flashdrive already connected to your android device via USB OTG, red and swollen file will also be stored in Flashdrive. Go to step 4
    • If there is no external memory MicroSD or Flashdrive, backup files will be stored in the internal memory. Do not forget to move it to other external memory after creating a backup file is completed.Click Start backup.

4. Click Start backup.
A pop-up to give the name of the backup file of your device. Should give a clear and complete name to distinguish with the other backup files. Note the storage location and then click OK.

Note . Backup application only stores data settings of applications installed on your android device. Data in the form of photographs - audio - video - doc - pdf - and data from other applications will not be captured by the backup application.

Moving data backup using the File Manager .

Most of the backup data created above is stored in the internal memory. This backup data will also be deleted if you reset the your android device. Immediately move to external memory using the File manager before malakukan reset. Here's how to transfer backup data to external memory. Here we demonstrated the use of file manager generally with some external memory available. Not necessarily the same as android devices that you have depends on the external memory you have.

  • Open File Manager.
    The main menu appears which classifies files based on type, Music, Image, Video Docs and so on. On the File manager legacy applications, the main menu is not there, just like a folder containing rows of step 2 below.
  • Click Internal Storage.
  • It get to the root folder of the internal memory. Here there are:

    • Data Backup Contacts with the file extension .vcf, eg  00001.vcf  or  00002.vcf
    • Data Backup SMS in the form of a folder by folder name  smsbackup . In it there is a backup file with the file extension .smsbackup, eg Sms_xxx.smsbackup
    • Data backups created by the backup application (section D above) when creating a backup device if you have not been there as a MicroSD external memory or flashdrive. This backup data contained in the folder ASUS> ASUSbackup>  backup_2016xxx .

  • Long press backup file outlined above until a checkmark on the left.

5. Click the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner, click Move to or Copy to.
6. On pages Copy to or Move to , there are several options for storage. The following storage place should not be equal to you depending on what you have. Here we demonstrated with several possibilities for storage:

Internal Storage: Internal memory android devices
MicroSD: External Memory SD Card or MicroSD
USBdisk1: Flashdrive via USB OTG
Google Drive: Cloud storage with your Google account

Please choose one of the storage area above according to what you have in addition to internal storage.
Select the folder where to save or create a new folder, for example with the name Backup_xxx by clicking the "+" in the upper right corner.
Then click OK
Your backup files are stored on the external memory.

Restore Data

To restore or restore backup data the way depending on the type of data backup and where to save it. If stored on MicroSD or Flash Drive or Google Drive, use File Manager to restore backup data to its original folder in the internal memory such as how to transfer files using File manager above. If its backup data stored on a computer or laptop back android devices connect to your computer with a USB cable.

1. Restore the data backup phone numbers (Contacts) .

  • Restore Data backup phone numbers (Contacts) in the root folder of internal memory.
  • Click Manage contact
  • Click the Import / Export
  • Click Import from Storage
  • Click Device, the application will find your own contacts .vcf backup file and restore your phone number data.

2. Restore the data backup photos - Music - Video - pdf or other document

For data such as photographs - video - music - pdf - doc or more could you restore does not have in its original position.You can put it in a new folder in the MicroSD external memory, for example. This data will still be able to be read by an android device although not within the original folder. If the backup data is stored in the computer, connect kan your android device with USB. Then restore the backup data according to the needs, not necessarily all of them.

3. Restore SMS backup data .

SMS backup to restore the data, there are two ways, namely:
Using the SMS application itself, but not before first move the backup data along smsbackup folder to the same place, in the root folder of internal memory.
  • Open SMS
  • Click the three vertical dots
  • click Settings
  • Click General settings
  • In the SMS Backup / Restore, click Restore SMS messages.

The easiest way is dengak direct click SMS backup data stored on an external MicroSD memory or Flashdrive

4. Restore the data backup application

If the backup file is in the flash drive, connect filashdrive with parangkat android. If you are in MicroSD simply go to the Backup application. Backup applications will seek its own backup files that are in external MicroSD memory or flashdrive.
  • Open applications Backup
  • click Restore
  • Appears backup files that are in MicroSD or flashdrive.
  • Save the file and then click Start Restore

  • For data that you think is very important, be sure to backup the data is transferred to external memory or computer. If you are still in the internal memory, the backup file will be lost when the Android device reset.

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Good sharing.
Thank you
Thanks for sharing such a detailed guide but last time, when I lost my Android Phone data and I just used this software to restore Android data ( ).

With the help you this software, you can also restore your ASUS ZENFONE data. Especially if you have accidentally deleted your photos, contacts, WhatsApp or any other application data.
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elianabrininger posted on 2018/12/12 00:26
Thanks for sharing such a detailed guide but last time, when I lost my Android Phone data and I just ...

Yes, thank you                                
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Great sharing.You can also use ZENFONE assistant tool.It can help you backup and restore files from ZENFONE device easily.You could have a try.
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