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[Tips] 5 Applications to Optimize Performance ZenFone Max

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5 Applications to Optimize Performance ZenFone Max

Time to optimize the performance of Asus Zenfone Max-mu (ZC550KL).

ZenFone Max could be one smartphone that is reliable, because it is able to support your activities all day with just one charge . Well, so you can use time more effectively, please check the following five applications that can improve the performance smarthphone thy daily. Find out how to set up his, and create performance smartphone- you more leverage to simplify your routine!

IFTTT is capable of running a variety of applications or application features a smartphone other automatically according to the conditions specified in an easy way. For example, activate certain features or applications on ZenFone Max based on location, or get the latest notifications from social media (for example, when ye be tagged in a Facebook photo). By selecting, matching, and change the settings, you can do many things automatically.

Action Launcher

Action Launcher organizes all your application for discovery. By way of swipe to the side, the application menu will appear sequentially based on the alphabet.

In addition, the application icons on the home screen can function as a folder if you do a swipe (not tap ). In this way, you can also open a widget while. For example, read e-mail without having to open the application or display a widget it is permanently in the home screen .

Action Launcher can also be an easy way to create color themes . By taking the primary colors in the wallpaper is selected, you can make it as color themes in all the display smartphone .

Brave Browser is an exciting new way to do web browsing . Often, you visit the website by clicking on a link in an e-mail or chat , which opens a new window and blocking the page you are currently viewing. Well, Brave still lets you stay on the page you are currently open and instantly displays the sites that have been clicked in the form of a small circle on the side of the screen. In this way, you can still do what you did before, and then tap the circle to see the entire page of the webwhen you're ready. Brave also make sharing easier by the waydrag the icon bubble to the corner of the screen.


Tasker is a complete automation applications. Commands such as turning off Wi-Fi, can be done automatically when the ZenFone Max runs out of battery or being in- charge . You can set a variety of commands in detail so that all goes on when you want it. Tasker also has a lot of plug-ins from third parties so as to allow use in many applications.

Pushbullet is a simple app to share links, documents, etc., between the gadget and also a friend.This application also enables notification on the smartphone appears on the computer screen, complete with a selection of orders. For example, you can read and reply SMS via computers. In addition, other features are accessing the documents on the smartphone via a computer, and copy and paste documents between gadgets .

You're doing Boost Productivity
By downloading some of these applications in the smartphone , you can easily maximize your productivity at work. Click here to know more advantages of ZenFone Max!

by AsusZenfone

Hi,Dr Zen friends,how much SOT in latest update in zc550kl,8939,3gb,32gb model ??????
Any idea,how much approximately SOT ?????????
See SOT in 13.8 .26.113 in zc550kl,8939 CPU.
SOT is average 7 to 8 Normal battery mode.
Also 2X option is OFF, continue sly.
What's your opinions ??????

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