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10 Reasons to Choose Asus

For all products asus, has a simple goal that is to enrich the digital world. Asus's exclusive software can enhance sound, vision, and touch to deliver a truly remarkable experience. Enjoy it!

Asus Exclusive Technology

Asus has a variety of exclusive applications created to enhance the ability of Asus laptops. It includes useful tools and utilities for everyday computing, applications to enhance entertainment and software to increase productivity. All of these apps are designed to provide fun and a more productive experience with Asus laptops. So do not forget to check out the asus giftbox app and discover the amazing things that Asus software can do.

Asus Eye Care Technology


Asus has the best display panel technology, the splendid panels which is a setup to show the most accurate color for the best viewing experience. Asus is aware that sometimes you may need to change this setting for example to add a little 'Wow!' Factor to photos and videos. For this reason, asus includes three modes to choose from: Eye care, Vivid and manual, in addition to the normal standard mode.
Asus understands the use of computers / notebooks in the long term can cause eye risk, which is often known as computer vision syndrome (CVS). Some of the symptoms of CVS are as follows: headache, sore eyes, red eyes, eye damage, fatigue.

Normal Mode

A consistent combination of gamma and
color temperature in all ASUS panels
Splendid indicates that in Normal
mode, colors are accurately and
consistent, and similar to the original color.
Normal mode is the default mode for
ASUS Splendid, but can be easily
changed to one of the other three modes.
Eye Care Mode

Eye Care mode is a special mode
designed to keep your eyes comfortable
during the viewing of the screen for a long time
ASUS Eye Care mode reduces light emissions
blue to 30% (depending on the characteristics
from the LCD panel) so your eyes are always on
protected when Eye Care mode is used.
Vivid Mode

In Vivid mode, we do
calculation with adjustment
color saturation and an image for
make it look more lively and
excited. Not like some
manufacturers who just added layers
color saturation throughout the image, Asus
take into account the optimum saturation for
every pixel
Manual Mode

In Manual mode, you can with
easily adjust the temperature accordingly
with your taste, from the range of -50 to +50,
by using a simple slider control.
ASUS Splendid will work perfectly if
You connect it to the screen
other ASUS notebooks as the second screen.

ASUS SonicMaster Technology

To get the best sound from a device, asus takes a lot of time to ensure that asus uses the right speaker, be careful in choosing different shapes, sizes, and speci fi c options.
When Asus has chosen the ideal speakers, the ASUS Golden Ear team will work with the product design team to ensure the speaker is positioned in the right position for maximum results. This decision will take a lot of clever factors, such as the dimensions of the sound space and the direction of the speakers.
How SonicMaster makes this possible, here's the secret:

ASUS Audio Wizard

ASUS AudioWizard has five presets - Music, Movies, Gaming, Recording, and Speech - which are configured with the ideal settings for each mode.

Music Mode

this is the mode to be
bring you to experience
sounds that really live
with minimal addition,
so what you hear is what the producer wants for you to hear..
Movie Mode

To gain experience
the amazing movie, this mode increase bass and frequency
high to provide benefits full and all sound effects strong, and will make
experience as if you were is in the cinema.
Gaming Mode

When you want to improve every in-game sound detail:
sound machine in the game racing, or an audible boom
reaiistis in the battle zone. With additional spatial details in Gaming mode, you will can enjoy the world of imagination
You are alone.
Recording Mode

Compression on a bad record can sound so horrible. with a bad bass and high frequency distortion,
Recording mode will ensure that all the recording quality
You will sound so very clear and balanced
Manual Mode

If you are an advanced user,
You can take control
Full set of ICEPower
Graphic equalizer & customize audio frequency balance
according to your personal taste.
(not available on all models)

ASUS Tru2Life Technology

ASUS Tru2Life is an exclusive video-completing technology similar to that found on High-end TVs. Using intelligent software algorithms to optimize the sharpness and contrast of each video frame, so the video looks clearer, more detailed, and more realistic. Each time your computer sends a video frame to the screen, ASUS Tru2Life analyzes every single pixel in the frame and optimizes its brightness and sharpness.

Increases sharpness
Tru2Life intelligently optimizes more than one million sharpness values ​​per frame, generating details for a more vivid image.

Increases color contrast
The intelligent Algorithm in ASUS Tru2Life analyzes the brightness histogram for each video pixel in each frame, and intelligently adjusts the brightness and black level values. This can increase contrast by up to 200%, bringing out hidden details in dark areas while keeping bright areas remain brilliant as ever! And the ultimate result? The video becomes more colorful, livelier, and sharper with tremendous contrast! Once you see ASUS Tru2Life, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

ASUS SuperBatt Technology

Battery is an important thing in a Notebook. ASUS comes with a battery solution that can survive better despite repeated recharging, leaking batteries are no problem.
SuperBatt Technology is an ASUS output technology that will guarantee battery life lasting up to 2.5x!

The battery size is fixed
The design of the battery can be adjusted to the form of Notebook. So as to make Notebook as lean as possible.
Larger mass types produce lower electrolytes
Smaller types of masses produce higher electrolytes
The life of the short cylinder battery
The life of the polymower battery is more durable than the siiinder battery

ASUS SMART Gesture Technology

ASUS Smart Gesture comes with intuitive Windows gesture controls to put everything on your fingertips. It's time to say goodbye to the mouse you normally use.

Intuitive and precise touch control

For an intuitive touchpad, ASUS has developed an exclusive technology called Smart Gesture that lets you use intuitive Windows gestures on toucnpad, making it easier to navigate or control apps. Smart Gesture supports up to 4 finger movements in Windows 10, so you can easily switch apps, launch Cortana or Action Center by simply tapping or swiping on the touchpad. Smart Gesture also has clever palm-rejection technology so that only your finger does the control, not the rest of your hands. This is the easiest, most natural way to control your laptop.

Asus Ergonomic Keyboard Design


ASUS understands a keyboard is very important for a notebook. And all ASUS Notebooks are ergonomically designed to improve responsive, and have been set up for more optimal functioning. This is what will keep you comfortable even after typing in a long time. With full size, as well as enhanced chiclet design with adjustable distance design on each of its lines, to be optimized and make the keyboard more solid and comfortable when typing.

ASUS has been doing rigorous testing on the keyboard system in every line of notebook, to make sure this keyboard can survive even though it has been used more than 10 million times typing.

Asus IceCool Technology

ASUS IceCool technology provides the convenience of using notebooks different from others, with component designs designed to reduce high thermal temperatures when the notebook is in use. Can maintain temperatures between 28 ° C to 35 ° C - Lower than the human body temperature in general. With the implementation of this technology makes the heat that is usually owned by other Notebook, not in ASUS Notebook. So as to make you can comfortably use this Notebook in a long time.

Asus 2 Years Global Warranty

Did you know that only ASUS is offering a truly FREE 2 Year Global Warranty? Some venoor claim to give 3 years warranty, but it is actually only 1 year warranty plus 2 years free of charge service. You still have to pay for spare part replacement cost. That means if the 1 year warranty is up, you still have to pay spare part for repair.

Asus Super Hybird Engine II Technology
ASUS Has a hardware design that fully supports Super Hybrid Engine II systems that have much needed advantages for most people today, along with the advantages of Super Hybrid engine ll:

Instant On 2 seconds

ASUS notebooks can be directly used within seconds of a sleep state like a mobile phone.
Standby up to 2 weeks

ASUS notebooks can stay up to 2 weeks sleep thanks to Super Hybrid Engine II technology
Automatic backup

ASUS notebooks will automatically store data when the battery condition is less than 5 percent

Flame in 2 Seconds!

Standby up to 2 weeks in one charger!
No need to worry Losing Data!

Asus WebStorage


Real-time data access
Real-time sync and real-time update of all data on your ASUS WebStorage via devices anywhere and anytime.

Ease of data access

Access all data from the various devices you use and share data easily and quickly to your friends or family.

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but asus uses  maximum 1TB hdd 5400RPM only , but  2TB 7200RPM is very fast , why asus not  concentrating higher capacity of  HDD .
Asus manufacturing OWN  DVD writer and BLUERAY writer , then why asus  not  adding own products in laptop
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