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[Replied] [Camera] Camera calibration!?

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cfbatalha PRT Level 2 | All posts
ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZE520KL
Firmware/App Version: 14.2020.1709.68.
Location: Portugal
Frequency of Occurrence: -
Rooted: No
App Name: Camera app
Description: Hello, camera calibration problem!?

My camera on manual mode seems to have a calibration problem, maybe.

Standing up, portrait mode, with the phone standing on top of a table the seems the phone is not on level, so the level yellow line and not green.

With the phone on landscape and on top of a table, the level is perfect green.

Why does the portrait mode show the phone is not levelled, if he is on stand and vertical?

Help please.
cfbatalha PRT Level 2 | All posts
Landscape mode seems to be just fine, portrait mode is the problem

TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi cfbatalha,

Good day.
Is your camera version on the latest version
If yes. Please kindly restore camera and try to aim a glass of water level on portrait mode.

Have a try.  Thank you.
cfbatalha PRT Level 2 | All posts
hello, my camera version is
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi  cfbatalha,

Sorry for my late reply.
I have reported this problem to our tech team.

Thank you.
TWN Moderator | All posts
Hi  cfbatalha,

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
After confirming with our tech team,  we suggest you bring your phone to a local service center for a check.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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