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[Replied] [App] Gallery app setting - smart brightness mismatch issue.

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Potatomato64 PHL Level 2 | All posts
ZenFone 3 Bug Report
Model: ZC551KL(Laser)
Firmware/App Version:
Location: Philippines
Frequency of Occurrence: always
Rooted: No
App Name: Gallery
Screenshot: -
Description: Max brightness mismatch

the smart brightness option in the gallery app darkens the screen instead of automatically turning it on to full brightness. as a result, what I can see from a photo freshly taken using the camera app is not the same when seen in the gallery app

I will detail below how to replicated the problem
Last edited by Potatomato64 on 2017/10/11 01:14

the gist of the problem is stated above. here are steps on how to replicate the issue.

Note01: Disable auto brightness adjust. swipe down from the top of the screen and turn the button next to the brightness slider off. it's grayed out when off.

Note02: drag the brightness slider to maximum. (this might hurt your eyes)  

Step1: open gallery app
Step2: click the "..." on the upper right
Step3: select settings
Step4: disable smart brightness (icon should be grayed out when disabled)

NOTE03: make sure HDRauto is off <- this makes pictures ugly. seriously. the colors are bad

Step5: open camera app and take a well focused image of anything (a vibrantly colorful subject will make more distinctions)
Step6: open the image viewer in the camera app. (located near the apps menu capacitive button of zenfone 3 laser)
Step7: notice that the photo you see is the same when you looked at it moments ago from the camera app

Step8: open photo in gallery app.
Step9: notice that the photo is the same as step7
Step10: turn on smart brightness by following step2-3,4

step 11: notice that the photo is dull, lacking in vibrancy, 'meh'
(this is hard when you take photos of text that you need to read again)


As a person who values visuals, I find this incredibly annoying!
I have been recommending to people to buy asus because it is a good camera phone and I keep getting these issues!

My temporary fix is to disable auto brightness adjust (note01)  and manually adjust the slider depending on what I'm doing. or toggle then auto brightness adjust
But this is too cumbersome especially when juggling between tasks, the display is so bright

I also own a zenfone 2 laser 5.5s. the gallery smart brightness is set to the maximum brightness of the phone screen. so what i see in the camera app is the same as what i see in the gallery app and the screen automatically dims down when I leave the respective apps. (the auto brightness adjust doesn't work in my  zenfone 2 laser 5.5s)

I think the smart brightness setting of the app is paired with the auto brightness adjust of the phone.
take a look at this flower photo I took with my zenfone 2 laser 5.5s. first with auto brightness adjust enabled & slider set to max.
Then with auto brightness adjust disabled & slider set to max. Your pupils will dilate from the amazing colors and vibrancy.

I was very happy with the zenfone 2 laser 5.5s and I am disappointed with the zenfone 3 laser, so many issues
This is one of 5. I will mention the other 4 briefly because they should be in a different thread
#2. USSD CODE --- text is trimmed!
#3. when video stabilization is turned on, the saved video is cropped! If I was taking a video with important details on the edges of the frame they will be lost! with my zenfone 2 laser 5.5s, the resolution is brought down to 720p but the final video isn't cropped. the worst part is, the cropping isn't consistent! you have to frame your shots dead center to ensure that it is fully in the video! I have to turn this feature off. not yet sure on the implications on my video capturing interests
#4 camera grains are very noticeable esp with the 1080p screen. the grains disappear when under sunlight but appear even under bright artificial light! my zenfone 2 laser 5.5s also shows this but its not as noticable

one last camera feature, I want to do astrophotography with this phone. hopefully the results are great. I can't go out-of-town yet and its cloudy season here in the philippines. not sure how the noise levels or camera grains will affect its long exposure capability but I really hope that it is at least as good as my  zenfone 2 laser 5.5s [w/c is very bad, manual focus to infinity does not work, blurred stars] or better.

wew. long post. thanks for reading and hearing me out. i hope this issue will be fixed immediately. I am resetting my phone in hopes of getting #2 USSD CODE issue to be resolved.

Potatomato64 PHL Level 2 | All posts
UPDATE: I found that the behavior of smart brightness is different when the brightness slider is close to 100%.

In other words, it kinda works if  ~90-95% brightness but doesn't if set at 100%. I'll explore further
Last edited by bill2_chang_ASUS on 2017/10/12 11:30

Hello Potatomato64
Thank you for your inquiry. Please keep in mind that this is a mobile phone, not a camera. The phone camera performance will eventually be effected by it's hardware limitations. If you want to make the most out of its camera, please use manual mode for best results.

For the gallery app brightness issue, if you want constant brightness throughout gallery app and other operations, just simply turn off smart brightness in the gallery app and you are set! If this is not what you are intended, please explain what behavior you are expecting, thank you.
And for the USSD CODE issue, I've reported this issue.
And for the #3 video stabilization feature that would crop your video, this is in fact normal behavior as this will apply software stabilization as well and crop your video by a small scale to remove the shaking of the video.

Thank you
Potatomato64 PHL Level 2 | All posts
bill2_chang_ASUS posted on 2017/10/12 11:13
Hello Potatomato64
Thank you for your inquiry. Please keep in mind that this is a mobile phone, not  ...

Hi Bill2,

RE camera performance, ah I think you're referring to the astrophotography. yes I am aware that it should not perform as good as a dedicated camera. but, to be able to do those things to some degree would greatly increase the value of the product.

RE gallery app brightness issue, the darkness issue isn't as bad so long as I don't set the slider to maximum with auto-adjust enabled.  

My issue with disabling smart-brightness is that the maximum screen brightness of the phone is not comfortable with reading text on other apps. so I keep having this horrible and painful glare when I switch apps if I have smart-brightness disabled and had the brightness at maximum.

If possible, a "max brightness" feature is to be added. this will make the screen brightness at maximum every time I open the gallery app. With this added option, you can retain "smart brightness" which will adjust brightness depending on ambient light.

I hope I made that clear

RE video stabilization, yeah. But I thought that the cropping would happen beforehand as in, as I am recording, I am already seeing the cropped frame. so I can conveniently adjust to fit my subject.
Potatomato64 PHL Level 2 | All posts
By the way, please respond to this thread. My question on which network standard my phone has ... mp;page=1#pid713210

I have already messaged you the serial number
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