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[New Question] [System] Zenfone 6 Wifi error And keep Restart

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ASUS 6 Bug Report
Model: ZS630KL
Firmware/APP Version: TW 2015
Frequency of Occurrence: 800 MHz - 2.00 GHz
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: Wifi
Screenshot: -
Last edited by dimasagusf on 2017/10/8 22:54

Hello everybody,

After upgrade to lolipop a week ago my phone have few problem like this
-Wifi cannot turn on( even zen ui status wifi "ON"  wifi icon wont show up)
-keep restarting during sleep mode
-press power button auto restart (just press not hold)

i also do restart cache a week a go and thats problem above solved for a moment (25/09/2017)
but it happend again with same problem today, i try restart cache again but it didnt work this time(30/09/2017)
i try to hard reset wiping all data the problem still not fix yet(02/10/2017)

i even browsing on YT,Forum or website cant found any solutions for this problem yet

i hope someone here help me with this problem
dimasagusf IDN Level 1 | All posts
update wiping data 02/10/2017
still not fix yet
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