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[2017 Photography Awards] 【Zen in your Eyes】weed leaves [herb]

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gogoisam785 IND Level 2 | All posts
Last edited by gogoisam785 on 2017/7/27 22:59

1. Model :- Z010D
2. Editing App used :- Snapseed
3. Equipment used :- None
4. Date of capture :- 27/7/17 {thursday}                     
5. Location:- Dibrugarh, Assam   
at 8:55 a.m
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Last edited by kattyseo2019 on 2019/6/4 03:21

Great picture This weed leaf is looking perfect , like it was grown in the ideal condition like in Grobo box . On the Grobo box all the plants have special structure of the leaves and the quality is the top .Grobo helps you achieve a higher quality of life through easy growing solutions. This growing box  has a fluid glass door that let's see your plants at the touch of a button. It keeps smells in and is a beautiful. To find out more click here
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