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[Finished] Know Your Zenpower - Part 4  

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  • Event description
Online event

Event Start: 2015/6/30 19:01
Event End: 2015/12/27 19:01
Type:   Mr. Zen Live
Quota:   Unlimited, more is better!
Qualification:   Not Limited
Think you know ZenPower enough?

Try solving 4 questions based on the ZenPower, designed just for you and stand a chance of winning a ZenPower.
How does 10 free credits sound? Too good to be true? If you’re quick with your fingers, you could literally win 10 credits by simply ranking amongst the first 100 repliers to the questions posted. Although, make sure you have your Zenfone friends answer these questions as well or have them register over the forum to play the activity. This is simply because the ZenPower would be given away, on the condition of receiving 100 and above participants.

Q1 :
Q2 :
Q3 :

And here is the fourth questions:


Hint :

Activity Period: 8th of June - 7th of July, 2015.

How To Play :
1. Make sure you have a ZenTalk user account activated, if not, have one created right away and get started with the activity.
2. Answer questions posted over the thread, just like the example shown below:
" Answer 4 : _________"
3. All participants are requested to answer all 4 questions posted over a total of 4 weeks.
4. Look out for article links for reference. This should help you answer the questions better.
5. Don't forget to share the activity on your Social Media to get added points!

1. Like mentioned above, if the activity receives 100 participants and above, 1 ZenPower would be awarded to people participating between 30th June'15 - 7th July'15 for this question.
2. In addition, 10 credits would be given away to the first 100 repliers. Sounds Awesome right?

A few Aspects to keep in mind:
1. All questions would be based on ZenPower articles shared over the ZenTalk forum.
2. One question would be posted each week. This is just why, you need to stay glued to the activity. You could probably set a reminder on your Zenfone.
3. A detailed video would be showcased at the end of activity. This would document the process of choosing the winner. Look out for the same!

1. A participant cannot win twice in the same contest.
2. Attendees who are not in accordance with the rules will be disqualified.
3. Winner cannot select the color for prizes.
4. ZenTalk preserve the right for alteration of this activity. If there is anything be changed, we will announce on ZenTalk
5. By posting comments, photographs or any other information on this page, the visitors or users shall be deemed to have authorized ASUS to use such posts on ZenTalk and related 5. ASUS websites, publications and printed materials.
6. By participating in this contest, you agree to abide by[ZenTalk]Terms & Conditions
7. Contest is valid for Indian participants only.

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Answer 4 rice of ZenPower Bumper Accessory, i.e. as low as Rs120 is most Attractive!xj_event
IND Level 2 | All posts
Answer 4 : Price of ZenPower Bumper Accessory, i.e. as low as Rs120 is most Attractive!xj_event
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts

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Last edited by debopriyobasu on 2015/6/30 20:34
Answer 4:I like the ZenPower Bumper because it is genuinely soft and protects the ZenPower from permanent scratches, yet it is the most affordable ASUS product at Rs.120!!!xj_event
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Answer 4: ZenPower Bumper specially made for ZenPower. This feature I like the most. Also it doesn't make the ZenPower bulkier. That's a good news. It's weight is like nothing.xj_event
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Answer 4: Weighing just 0.024kg,genuinely soft, yet hard on scratches.Beautiful shades and a price tag of just rs 120. Simply wow!!! xj_event
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Answer 4:i like the zenpower bumper because or its perfectly fitting size with the range of vivid colours. The price of the zenpower bumper is the main attraction with highly affordable price Rs 120xj_event
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Answer 4 : i like its extra toughness....i used to keep zenpower in bags, pockets, whereever ....sometimes there will be a huge load on them....during that time it protects alot ...i.e., it resists upto 60kg weight and leave zenpower undamaged.....i love this extra bumper protection.xj_event
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Answer: the cheap price and and the scratch resistance xj_event
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