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[Share] A New Reality - How AR and VR is shaping the future

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In recent years, virtual reality has been making huge strides in terms of adoption, from PC and console-based headsets such as PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. It has also gained a following on the mobile scene through the relatively inexpensive Google Cardboard VR platform, and now through Daydream.

Google Cardboard VR

Augmented reality is also becoming feasible, and while prior apps and games only made use of a gyroscope (or a printed tracking pattern) to determine the location of the device in space and thus isn't very accurate in rendering 3D objects' locations, Google Tango promises a more intimate augmented reality experience.

In the years to come, AR and VR will surely impact the world in a number of interesting ways. Here are some developments to look forward to in the mixed reality scene.

Immersive entertainment
If there ever was a more fitting role for AR and VR, it's entertainment. AR and VR platforms allow for a whole new level of emotional and engaging entertainment experiences, whether it be 360 VR videos or gaming.

Need for Speed No Limits VR (Daydream)

Hot Wheels Track Builder (Tango)

Better engineering

The same AR and VR technologies used for our media can also be used to make a huge impact on engineering, such as architecture, interior design, computer-aided design, etc. With AR and VR, you could walk through an interactive, virtually-designed building real-time without having to build scale mock-ups or looking at it through a 2D layout or 3D pre-render.

iStaging - interior design augmented reality app (Tango)

You could even, say, preview and customize a car you're looking to buy without having to actually go to a dealership, from the comfort of your home via a Google Tango-enabled smartphone.

BMW iVisualizer - car customization and visualizer app (Tango)

Enhanced education
Exciting opportunities for education can be had with both AR and VR technologies combined. Museums can now encorporate virtual and augmented reality experiences into their exhibits, and Google Tango can help bring these exhibits to life right on your smartphone.

Dinosaurs Among Us - American Museum of National History (Tango)

Astronomy VR (Cardboard VR)

A new reality awaits
With AR and VR set to take the world by storm in the coming years, we can expect more developers embracing these technologies, with more apps and games taking advantage of the now-available technologies to bring us a wholesome mixed reality experience.


Or if you're not one for waiting, the ZenFone AR has Google Daydream and Tango on one device, so you can enjoy these new groundbreaking technologies anytime, anywhere, now. The ZenFone AR is available in the Philipines for Php44,995, bundled with ASUS Clear Case, ZenPower Ultra, tempered glass and Google Cardboard in the box.

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Wow! The wonderful world of Virtual/Augmented Reality fused with Zenfone!
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One of the best smartphone Asus has ever manufactured. Zenfone AR is a great smartphone with great capabilities.
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Indeed Zenfone AR proves that smartphones are capable of more
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