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Zen_Lianne IND Moderator | All posts
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Hey Zennies!

Even while the ‘Do it Later’ app is quite famous amongst many, Here’s some useful information that could perhaps help you with your daily tasks.

The app works as a To-do list and differentiates between ‘Normal’ and ‘App-related’ tasks. Even while the normal section could include a shopping list or doctor’s appointment reminder, the app related section could help with calling and Email reminders.

2.jpg    1.jpg    3.jpg

Here’s what these icons stand for:


Feedback & Help:

Through this section, you would be able to look through 3 aspects:
1. FAQ: This feature is designed for commonly asked questions and tips
2. Forum: Here, you could give away useful suggestions or even leave behind questions
3. Feedback: Give out your feedbacks, so as to help the Asus team work towards the betterment of their products.

4.jpg    5.jpg    6.jpg    7.jpg

Advanced Actions:

1. You could add tasks from your personal or official account as well as keep adding folders under each created account.

8.jpg    9.jpg

In doing so, if you feel the need to change the folder name, long press the desired folder for about a few seconds. This should take you to the image shown below:


Shake Shake Gesture:

Note: This motion gesture is available in only and only ZenMotion enabled devices. Whether you choose to turn it on or off, is your choice. Although as soon as the system detects this shake gesture, it would automatically capture screenshots and have it saved to  your device’s ‘Do it Later’ app as a reminder. You could then check on the saved task as per your convenience.

11.jpg    12.jpg    13.jpg
Shake Gesture Detected        Saved over the App        Saved Tasks could be viewed here

Contact Integration:

Missed a call but cannot find the time to call back the person immediately? Have it tagged to your 'Do it later' list and call back later!

To save a specific contact number in your 'Do it Later' list, simply press on the missed contact for a few seconds and select the ‘Call Later’ option. The system would then take a screenshot of the same and have it sent to your ‘To do list’.

14.jpg    15.jpg    16.jpg

Messaging Integration:

There’s no way you can ignore a text from your boss or mother, although you can surely save it for later. All that you would need to do is press on the desired message for a couple of seconds, this will lead you to the second image. Select ‘Reply Later’, by doing so, you would be able to view this in the ‘Do it later’ app.

If you look closely, in the third image, you could reply later to a text message by simply clicking on the ‘Reply Later’ option as soon as the message pops up on your screen.

                1                                      2                                      3
17.jpg     huh.jpg     huh7.jpg

Email Integration:

In the same way, if you wish to read an email later, the process works more or less the same way. Follow the below listed images to understand the process:

Here, you would need to select a desired email and tap on the highlight portion on the upper right and select ‘Read Later’. This should help you save it in your Do it later list.

20.jpg    21.jpg

You could also do the same for an email, you wish to edit later:


Browser, SuperNote and QuickMemo Integration:

If you wish to read something in particular from the Asus Browser, as and when you get some time off, tap on ‘Read Later’, like shown below:


The same applies to the SuperNote and QuickMemo

24.jpg    25.jpg

3rd Party App Integration:

The app also supports to add information from 3rd party apps. Information such as web links or even map links could be shared via the share menu or the system’s share dialog. In addition, the ‘Do it Later’ app also supports YouTube, Chrome browser, Google Maps, etc. The below posted images should give you an idea on the same:

26.jpg    27.jpg    28.jpg

IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Great Job and such a nice review.
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Shake shake is a great feature!
I wish I has ZenFone 2 to use it!
Zen_Lianne IND Moderator | All posts
Stay tuned! There are several other posts coming in. We appreciate your feedback!
IDN Level 1 | All posts
i have some problems with this app. My fonepad has broken down and i haven't backup the file. My question is

how  can i restore (or local backup) the file/memo/note that i was writing before? i mean, maybe someone can tell me where is the directory file of this app?

Thank you.  
Having the same question with hakamjenius
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