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  • Event description
Online event

Event Start: 2017/7/2 13:27
Event End: 2017/12/29 13:27
Type:   Mr. Zen Live
Quota:   Unlimited, more is better!
Qualification:   Not Limited
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    《Bingo》 is the mission that if you collect more than 5 essences of each categories, you can win more points for your team.

【Event Period】

【How to Play】
  • Upload your photos to ZenPhoto board>>choose the subject of "2017 photo contest">choose the categories of your photos
  • There are  9 photo categories in the《Bingo》mission. All the teammates should collect 5 essences of each categories  and your team will get one star for a line. You must make a horizontal, diagonal OR vertical line to get a Bingo. Your team can win more points when your team get more lines.

【Mission Prize】
Cooperate with your teammembers, and win more Bingo Lines.

  • Get 1 line  > Get 100 points for your team
  • Get 2 lines> Get 150 points for your team
  • Get 3 lines> Get 200 points for your team
  • Get 4 lines> Get 250 points for your team
  • Get 5 lines> Get 300 points for your team
  • Get 6 lines> Get 350 points for your team
  • Get 7 lines> Get 400 points for your team
  • Get 8 lines> Get 500 points for your team

【Winning announcement】

【More Information】
【Zen In Your Eyes】2017 ASUS ZenFone Photography Awards(India)
【Photogether!】Chance to Win 15 ZenFone Live

【Related Events of " Photogether ! "
【Photogether! Bonus】Show your team number to win 500 points!

【Terms and Conditions】
  • The " Point " is only for for the winning calculation of " Photogether! " event, which does not have cash value and shall expire at the end of this event, and can not be transfer into cash or ZenCredits.
  • If there is any controversy of personal or Team's Points, ZenTalk has the power to determine the final results.
  • If the local winners whose Nationality are from Taiwan and China, please go to their sites to attend the event, or they will be disqualified in Global site.
  • Each participant has only one chance to win the prize of 【2017 ASUS ZenFone Photography Awards】 related events in all sites including Taiwan, India, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Global sites.
  • ZenTalk reserve the right to disqualify anyone using such software, or who otherwiseaffects the validity or operation of the competition.
  • ZenTalk reserves the rights to cancel, terminate, revise, or suspend the event,as well as rights of final interpretation. All changes will be announced on ZenTalk forum.
  • Please refer to 2017 ASUS ZenFone Photography Awards and 2017 Photogether! to get more details.
  • By participating in this activity, you agree to abide by ZenTalk Forum Terms & Conditions.

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