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nguyenanh84 VNM Beta Tester | All posts
ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version: WW_V2.19.40.12
Frequency of Occurrence: Often
Rooted: Yes
Last edited by nguyenanh84 on 2015/6/22 12:11

I have my Zenfone 2 faced very often the issue of Sim card 2 slot not detected, and only can be solved after I took out and re-inserted my Sim card. (I searched solution from the above threads but none helps). And this issue happened very often that annoyed me, especially after I took my phone out of my pocket, then I came out an idea this happened bcoz the sim card might be losen from the slot while moving/ walking (hardware mis-functional design), then I tried this solution patch:
- using a small stick (toothpick stick) to insert in between the two sim card gap (as shown in the yellow circle 1 in picture below) - or you can use any kind of material which you think it may have the same effect that to keep the 02 sim cards fixed inside the slot not to moving out.
- and the two rubber (in blue cirle 2 in the picture) will make the stick fixed from moving (I think Asus design these rubbers to function them the same with my stick, but they failed haha)

And problem solved
My phone now is no longer facing the sim cards not detected any more since then. You can try this yourself and see if can help.


USA Level 1 | All posts
There is even simpler solution for this.. since it uses micro sim.. you can take that sim and grind it on a rough surface making the height smaller so that the sim goes deeper and hence sim gets detected.. I though a duplicate sim costs 25 rs.. but a new phone costs a lot.. believe me it worked for me.. try this for yourself..
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Please also check if the SIM gets locked. I had a problem where the SIM entered but didnt get locked If pulled out of the slot it comes out where it should be pressed in again to remove it.
I went to the service center and got it rectified. Not having the same problem any more

Problem Resolved

Last edited by ExceptionalAnky on 2015/12/3 14:31


You gave me perfect solution
ITA Level 1 | All posts
Many thanks...Problem risolved for me!
USA Level 3 | All posts
How sad and ghetto we have to fix our $300+ phones like this.
PHL Level 1 | All posts
That is just a very dumb idea.
It will void your warranty.
Not helping.
USA Level 1 | All posts
100% Hardware issue replace SIM Card Reader / Slot Module Flex Cable
VEN Level 1 | All posts
Thank you! The problema is resolved
PHL Level 2 | All posts
This is NOT a good solution. The hardware problem might get even worst as the sim slots will be more loosen. And worst of all, it will void your phone's warranty. So, I suggest to bring your phone to the authorized service center especially it is already a hardware problem since you cannot just simply repair it by yourself especially if you do not have technical knowledge on it. Better safe than sorry.

And also it is important to note that you use only a mirco SIM card on your ASUS phone. A trimmed SIM card may not properly fit into and may not be detected by your ASUS phone. So, you must also read the manual to know more about your ASUS phone.
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