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[Resolved] [Camera] Front camera is not working

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I have installed 'Dumbsmash' app 2/3 weeks back and it was fine for first 2 weeks. However, now the front camera is not woking in my ASUS Zenfone 5 phone as it is completely dark.
I'am not sure, the App 'Dumsmash' is actullay cause this issue. Kindly let me know if anyone had this issue, also please share any workaround to solve this issue.

Getting the following error when I hold on the screen.
AWB, AE is locked

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Was your fallen someday? If yes den goto service centre and get your camera fixed, might be connecting points on chip are not in contact anymore. If your phone has not fallen den please use safe mode once and try to see the functionality works fine there or not if still its same then its 100% hardware fault you have to get it checked at service centre
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dubsmash is not geniune app. it has malware programs.
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
   This reply is the best answer.   
Go to settings >apps >camera ... now clear data amd force stop the app. Now clear partition cache from droid boot and reboot your phone. It will solve this issues. AWB, AE lock is not a bug its a feature of PixelMaster. If you touch and hold at any point over screen camera locks White Balance and Auto Exposure on that point. Its a very useful feature provided by Asus.
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anirbanmid posted on 2015/6/20 04:21
Go to settings >apps >camera ... now clear data amd force stop the app. Now clear partition cache fr ...

www.  What is the solution?
@Vrajagopal87 is ur issue solved??
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I experienced the same. Front cam is not working. Black screen. Help pls.
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