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2-years of 100 GB free storage space on Google Drive for all ZenFone 2 users

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Zen_Master IND Moderator | All posts
Last edited by Zen_Master on 2015/6/19 02:32

Thinking of buying Zenfone 2? Invest in this glorious Asus product and be sure of receiving free 100GB Data Storage on Google Drive for 2 years.

Having collaborated with Google through the Google Drive App,Asus now offers a special deal to all Zenfone 2 users.  

All that would be required from you is to simply log on toyour Google account through the Google drive app on your Zenfone 2 to redeem your very own 100GB data storage space on the cloud.  

Please Note : This offer is available for the following Zenfone 2 models running the firmware versions as mentioned and the subsequent firmware versions released thereafter:

ZE550ML - Firmware version:
ZE551ML - Firmware version:

Here’s just how you can redeem this offer : A step by step process for its activation.

Step 1:

Look for Google apps and select the Google Drive app, like shown below:


Step 2:

At this stage, if in case, you work with one or more Google accounts, make sure to choose one and go ahead with the process. I did just the same, like shown below:


Step 3:

Having managed the above process, you should then be directed to this screen which prompts you to select ‘Redeem’:


Step 4:

Make sure to read through everything thoroughly before going to the Drive. Go through the below posted screenshots,these screens should show up on your phone as well when your use the Drive for the first time .


As a sign of its completion, you should be able to view this message on your screen. Select Go To Drive to continue:


Step 5:
This is what the Drive would look like after you have completed the process:


You have now successfully redeemed your 100GB cloud storage space on Google Drive with your Zenfone 2.
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What about zenfone 5 users????
IND Level 1 | All posts
      thnxxx  ASUS      
IND Moderator | All posts
in the new phone I saw we can remind users to subscribe as well when they activate the phone
Thanx Asus i got 100GB storag for next 2 year.
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I really wanted to buy this phone
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IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
wow...100GB..really very nice offer!!!
ASUS Zen 2 has been an amazing device. I looked forward to this kind a device for the last 7 years. Thus device in hand is a dream come true
I have already signed in what can I do now to get this 100 gb???
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