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[Share] Get online fast and easy with ZenFone 3’s Wi-Fi QR code

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Ever noticed that some of the coolest cafés and hotels provide a QR code for customers to connect to their Wi-Fi? That’s a lot easier than the traditional typing of complicated passwords. If you have a ZenFone 3, you can connect in a flash with its built-in Wi-Fi QR code scanning feature. There’s no need to download a 3rd-party QR code scanning app. In addition, you can also share your network with friends. Just show them your very own QR code generated on your phone and let them scan it with their devices. Simple and instant internet connection in one scan!

Connect to a free Wi-Fi the easy way
Instead of entering Wi-Fi passwords, you can just scan the QR code with your ZenFone 3. To get connected, go to Settings > Wi-Fi then tap . The camera automatically launches and scans the QR code.

Share your network in a flash
When going on a trip and your friends ask you to share your internet connection, you don’t have to tell them your password, especially if it contains a complicated set of characters. Your ZenFone 3 can generate a QR code that embeds the password, SSID, and other Wi-Fi settings. All they need to do is to launch the QR code scanner on their devices and scan your QR code. They can then access your hotspot in no time.

To share your network, go to Settings > More... > Tethering & portable hotspot then turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and tap Share network. Let your friends scan the QR code and they’ll immediately get connected to your hotspot.

Some reminders
  • Sharing your network may incur extra costs of additional data usage. Please check with your mobile carrier regarding data allocation plans.
  • Furthermore, you can manage your advanced hotspot settings by adding specific devices to a whitelist, limit the number of devices on your hotspot, and remove any devices from accessing your hotspot.
  • The next time you want to connect or share a Wi-Fi, use the amazing Wi-Fi QR code scanning feature and be swept away with the speed and convenience of your ZenFone 3!

  • The above features are only available on the ZenFone 3 series running Android 7.0 and above.
  • The advanced hotspot settings will be available on the ZenFone 3 series through a FOTA update. Due to the different release dates of the firmware, please stay tuned for further announcements.

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Cool feature! saves time and hassle to ask/share password.
Olá bom dia como eu coloco esta ferramenta em português 
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