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[Experience Sharing] How to setup APN/Internet connectivity in Zenfone 2.

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techgeek IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Last edited by techgeek on 2015/7/3 11:56

APN is abbreviation of Access Point Name, these are the bunch of settings your phone reads to set up the connection to Internet. These setting needs to be precise in order to get connected even a slight change likein spacing can even break things and result in no connection to the internet.
We can get these settings from our Network provider or calltheir call centre and get it delivered to us. Most of the time they are therein our phone’s system files and get utilized when we insert the SIM of aparticular network, sometimes there are slight changes which get delivered tous by a SMS. APN settings also vary from circle to circle for the sameoperator.

Sometimes there would be need for you to do it manually, hence in this articleI will try and explain how to get it done by yourself if ever you need to doit.

CAUTION:- Do not change or edit the present settings in your phone instead makea new one always. It’s best to keep the default APN settings the way they are.

FYI :- You need to have exact settings before you start todo this, you can google them or get them from your service provider, or from a friendwho happens to use the same network and is from same circle.

I am using dummy settings, do not use my settings in the screenshots.

Alright, Let’s get to it.

1. You need to go to settings, there are two ways to do that as shown in below screen shots.

01.jpg        02.jpg

2.Then go to Settings -> More -> Cellular / Mobile Networks as shown in below screen shots.

03.jpg        04.jpg

3.Then go to Access Point Names.

4. Here you can see all the APN settings, if none of those are working out. You should create a new one but not edit them in anyway.

5. Now, we need to click on the ‘plus’ sign above at the top right corner to start editing the new APN settings, refer to below screen shot.


6. Once we click on the add button, we get the below screen.


7. Here if we want to set value, we need to tap the option then a box would appear and we can enter the values here. Below I have tried to enter the name for APN settings.

07-0.jpg        07-2.jpg

07.jpg        07-3.jpg

8. Again here below I have set the APN as Vodafone.You will have to enter exactly what is required by your network operator.

10.jpg       09.jpg

9. All the other required values can be edited in this manner.
REMEMBER:  The values need to be exactly as defined by your network provider for them to work.

10.Once the new APN setting is done , it would appear in the listing with all other APN settings, from where we can activate it by tapping on its name and start using it.

11.jpg        12.jpg

11. If you end up making mistakes and want to have everything as it was before all you have to do it is tap the 3 dots on extreme top right corner and select Reset to default.

12-2.jpg       13.jpg

This will delete the new APN that we have created and keeponly those APNs which where there before – the default settings of your APN will only be kept and all other APN which you might have created will be deleted. Once you click the reset to default option you would be notified when the resseting is done as shown below.


I am also posting screenshots of Vodafone APN settings for Mumbai circle.

15.jpg       16.jpg       17.jpg       18.jpg

You can google the setting for your need or there are spome Apps on Google play also to help you with this.

APN Settings Link 1

APN Settings Link 2

If you guys and post the screenshot of your settings in comments it would be greathelp to other who are struggling to get the settings.

This way we can create a good database for people whoneed to find APN settings for their Zenfone.

IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Thanks for sharing.
I find your posts very useful.
techgeek IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
debopriyobasu posted on 2015/6/18 19:04
Thanks for sharing.
I find your posts very useful.


I am happy you found my post of use.
CAN Level 1 | All posts
I need help, I do not have the access point names option when I go into cellular networks settings
CAN Level 1 | All posts
I'm sorry, I found the option, but it is faded out/untapable
ITA Level 1 | All posts
Also for me is untapable and tethering doesn't work!
VODAFONE Italy uses different APNs for navigation ( and tethering ( in order to track the internet traffic type.
My ASUS ZENFONE 2 is now UNABLE to switch automatically and manually between APNs (see also attached figure with missing radio button for tethering. Notice that other brand mobile phones, Motorola and Samsung,  have radio buttons for every APN allowing automatical and manual switching).

Plugging into my device a SIM card of an other italian provider (WIND Italy), which uses the same APN for navigation and tethering, my ASUS ZENFONE 2 works fine, allowing tethering.

Why cannot I manage two APNs after firmware upgrade?

2016-01-11 14.04.07.jpg
IND Moderator | All posts
Whoa, you have great coverage skills...amazing share...
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
pollopinolo posted on 2016/1/11 21:43
Also for me is untapable and tethering doesn't work!
VODAFONE Italy uses different APNs for navigati ...

The two settings at bottom are unchangable.. Those are mms settings. So don't worry..
ITA Level 1 | All posts
njishant6666 posted on 2016/3/17 17:51
The two settings at bottom are unchangable.. Those are mms settings. So don't worry..

Sure, I don't worry, but.... it does not work!

Please, read the whole post for details: ... hread&tid=55750

At this time, I have to use a Samsung device in order to take advantage of tethering.
Any suggestion will be appreciated.

IND Beta Tester | All posts
Great tutorial....was having difficulties with my Tata Docomo working great
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