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[Experience Sharing] Android Nougat - 14 Cool New Features!!!  

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Android is the most used and one of the most recognizable OS on this planet. With every new passing version comes new and fascinating features, and Android Nougat has Chockfull of Superb Features...Lets check them all out!!!

1) Multi-Window Mode

This is by far the hottest feature on the Nougat. It lets you multi-task simultaneously on 2 apps on the same screen. It even lets you multi-task in the Split-screen by letting you switch to another app running in the background or the recent apps. You can type out a mail in one window and watch youtube videos in the other, at the same time!!!! Plus you can maximize either of the window to full-screen view.


2) Bundled Notifications

Notifcations have always been messy. With every new Android version, they were presented to you in various forms, bettering each time. In Marshmallow, they were shown in the form of interactive cards. NOW though, the notifications are presented to you in much neater manner. It groups all your notifications of one particular app into a single card, which by the way is a much neater way to look and access every notification in an organised manner.

bundled notifications.jpg

3) Reply Notifications

Along with bundled notifications, you can now tap on your message notifications and reply to the messages there itself. This is pretty dynamic, as it allows you to get replies done while you're checking out your notifications, it tries and zeroes in on completing all tasks presented, and doesnt let you miss out on important messages.


4) Notifications Settings and Silencing
To get rid of annoying notifications pop-ups, you can now silence them by tap and holding the notification. Which then, allows you to choose as to how the notification should be delivered to you. Also, you can delve deeper in to the settings by tapping on 'MORE SETTINGS', among the options shown. Even sliding the notification slowly will let you access these options.

notification silence.jpg

5) Tile based 'Drag and Drop' Quick access buttons

Setting up your Quick access buttons in your Notifications menu was always cumbersome. With Nougat its simplified to something as simple as 'drag and drop'. Just pull down your notifications menu and tap on edit, next to the settings button. This will then expand the menu to show you options that you can add to the active quick access buttons list, to add them all you have to do is drag and drop the buttons you want, in to the active section. Its much cleaner and simpler.

tile drop.jpg

6) 'Two Pages' of Quick Access Buttons:

We've always been cribbing about how we actually needed more quick access buttons than just the stock amount. Nougat changes that, with the drag and drop tiles allowing you to add more quick access buttons, you can now swipe right on the quick access buttons to see more of them. Now thats really cool!


7) Drag and Drop text in Multi-window
Multi-window Mode also has a new trick up its sleeve, 'Drag and drop text'. You can Drag and Drop Copied Texts from one window to the other. Now thats real-time multi-tasking everybody can relate to!!!


8) Chrome Multi-window

In this advanced digital age, everybody needs more than one browser tab open to 'Multi-task' on the internet. You'd say Google Chrome already had mutiple tabs long back. I agree, but on this version of Android you can keep two tabs open at the same time in split screen!!! All you have to do is, Start Multi-window mode with Chrome open in one of the windows. Now tap on the 3 dot 'Options' in the corner and tap on 'Move to other window'. Doing this will take the other open tab in your browser to the split-screen window. This shows off the capability to multi-task on two pages at the same time AND on the same app!!!


9) Recent Key Quick Double tap

Talking about mutltasking, its a boon that android still does it better. But on Nougat, to switch between the last used app, all you need to do is tap the Recent Key twice and it will switch. This is way better than tapping once and looking at all other apps to get to the last used app. In a way, it does not distract you from the kind of actions you currently had in mind with 2 particular active apps.


10) Settings Navigation Pane
Another cool bit, you can now jump between diferent Settings options with the pull-out navigation pane. You can access this pane inside any of the Settings Options!!!


11) Suggested Settings Section
Not exactly and truly functional, but it gets your attention to certain details that require your input, or if you have not set anything up. it will suggest you to add your fingerprint if you haven't added any yet. Pretty nifty right???


12) DataSaver

This new feature lets you restrict background data, quite agressively. Once turned on you can select the apps you wish to cut out on data while the phone is on standby.


13) App Info

The App Info has been incorporated within the Apps Menu under the Settings. Its a Static Info tab that shows you the source of the app. This is useful to check on the hundreds of apps you might have forgetten about where it came from, letting you check if it was malaciously installed.


BONUS (Spoiler Alert!!!):
Android Nougat Easter Egg:

Easter eggs are cool surprises developers add into their work. Android OS always had the same predictable Easter Egg in the 'About Android' Section in the Settings. But unlike Marshmallow, its not a mini-game this time. If you tap on the Android version tab, it will not initiate anything or show you any cool animation, you'd only see a tiny 'Cat face'. But once you do this, it activates the Easter egg.


You have to GO to the Quick Access edit Sections and Drag drop the button that reads "???? Android Easter Egg" to the active section. Now if you tap on the Empty Dish button, it will show 4 options in the middle of the screen such as Chicken, Fish, Bits, Treat. Tap on one, and wait for sometime. BUT, I won't spoil the surprise entirely though, let me know what you come across.....

These the amazing few features on the new Android Nougat OS. The features here are those that enhances and entirely smoothen out the way you use your smartphone, and the way you access your content. Some of them are Subtle but yet Refreshing!!!

Tell us what do you think about these cool new features.... If you know about more features, do share with us!!!!

Cool features, i like multi window and Recent key quick double tap
But question is that ....when get n update ??
IND Level 5 | All posts
Nougat update for Zenfone selfie?????????
IND Level 3 | All posts
Ze550kl ???????????????????????????
IND Level 2 | All posts
This is an extremely useful article, really well presented and much needed as I believe some models are waiting for the Android N rollout. By when is Android N likely to be rolled out to Zenfone 3 Max (ZC520TL) users ?
USA Level 2 | All posts
ZenFone 2 ze551ml nougat update please
IND Level 1 | All posts
can we get android n for ze550ml
IND Level 2 | All posts
Will Zenfone 3 Max 5.2 inch {ZC520TL} receive the Android Nougat update ? If yes, tentatively by when ?
IND Level 5 | All posts
One more feature is low battery back up and low camera performance.  
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