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[Finished] #MaxSaveMyPal Contest Winner Announced    

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  • Event description
Online event

Event Start: 2017/3/2 18:14
Event End: 2017/8/29 18:14
Type:   Mr. Zen Live
Quota:   Unlimited, more is better!
Qualification:   Not Limited
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Congratulations Winners!!!!!

3 Lucky Zenfone Max Winners :


10 Lucky Winners for Flipkart Vouchers :


We will send you a personal message on ZenTalk for your details. Kindly get back to us within 1 week with your details to claim your Prize.!!!!!

Thank you guys for participating in the Contest. Stay tuned to ZenTalk for more contests and giveaways to be won!!!

Are you or your friends among the ones who are always low on battery and struggling to find a charger or a power bank.Well here's your chance to get yourself free from all those cables and wires and power banks.

    Tell us what comes to your mind when you see
    “Battery Low”

[Contest Period]
4th March to 14th March

[How to Participate]
  • Share the post  tagging atleast 5 of your friends whose phones are always low on charge, using @Asusindia#MaxSaveMyPal.
  • Take a screenshot of your post or tweet whereyour friends have been tagged.
  • Register on ZenTalk
  • Post your screenshot along with one line telling us what comes to your mind when you see “Battery Low”, by replying to this thread

[Winner Announcement]
20th March 2017


3 Lucky winners for ZenFone Max
10 Lucky winners for Flipkart Vouchers worth Rs 1000/

We might save you or one of your friends from low-battery troubles by gifting you a ZenFone Max!

[Terms and Conditions]
1. The contest is applicable to all Indian Nationals residing in India.
2. The contest is active from 4th March 2017 to 14th March 2017 11.59 PM. Late entries will not be entertained.
3. The participation will be considered valid only after posting your screenshot along with your reply on ZenTalk.Participants have to participate by tagging their friends on Facebook and Twitter and then sharing the screenshot on ZenTalk  (
4. Compulsory tagging of minimum 5 uniquefriends.
5. Compulsory #tags: #MaxSaveMyPal@AsusIndia
6. Registration on ZenTalk is mandatory.
7. Compulsory to submit thefacebook/twitter screenshot on ZenTalk for valid participation.
8. The contest will be cancelled if the total number of minimum valid replies/participants fail to reach 500 onZenTalk.
9. Multiple entries are allowed, provided you tag unique friends with unique reply on ZenTalk for every entry.
10. ZenTalk has the power to determine the final results. Winner will be randomly selected from the valid replies.
11. Asus will inform the winner to claim the prize by mail. Details have to be provided within 1 week post failing which if details not given, the prize will be cancelled.
13. The color and model of the prize will be randomly chosen.
14. ZenTalk reserves the rights to cancel,terminate, revise, or suspend the event,as well as rights of final interpretation. All changes will be announced on ZenTalk forum.
15. By participating in this activity, you agree to abide by ZenTalk Forum Terms &Conditions. (
16. Participants have to Follow Asus India Page and also use the given hashtag or the tagline in their answers, if any.
17. Three winners will be gratified with a Zenfone Max and ten lucky winners will get gift vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each.
18. Winner will be announced on Asus India’s Facebook page and the ZenTalk forum and the announced winners need to share the requested identity and contact details with Asus India in the manner stipulated in its winner announcement post.
Late claims or improper details shared may result in cancellation of gratification and the winner being disqualified.
In such a case Asus India may choose to announce a new winner or to end the activity without declaring a fresh winner.
19. Winner will be announced on 20th of March  2017
20. ASUS team will verify the participant’s details upon successful verification that the participant is a genuine Facebook/Twitter/ZenTalk user and not a fake profile or a duplicate profile and the participant has taken the necessary steps for participation as announced in the FB post/ tweet about this sweepstake, only then the participant’s entry will be treated valid.
21. The gratification will be dispatched to the customer’s address as provided by her/him. The responsibility of providing the correct address, identity and contact details rests with the participant.
22. Any concerns related to the offer should be communicated to Asus India within 30th Mar 2017, after which AsusIndia will not be liable to address any issues regarding this activity.
23. After dispatching the gifts, Any concerns related to the postal details and delivery should be communicated to Asus India within 10th April 2017, after which Asus India will not be liable to address any issues regarding this dispatch.
24. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his or her email account, Facebook account and Asus India Facebook page for notifications or other communications related to this activity.
25. Employees of, ASUS and its parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising representatives and agencies,who are involved in the promotion, and the immediate families of any of theforegoing persons, are NOT ELIGIBLE under this offer.
26. ASUS India reserves the right: (a) to disqualify any entry, if it has reasonable grounds to believe the participant has breached any of these terms and conditions. No intimation shall be sent to the participants who are disqualified and/or not amongst the qualified entries.(b) to decide whether a replacement participant should be selected in the event any buyer is disqualified from the offer. (c) to require written permissionfrom the parent or guardian of a participant who is under the age of 18
27. The prevailing statutory laws of India shall be applicable to the contest and all disputes relating to this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at Mumbai only
28. ASUS India reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the activity/sweepstake/offer, its period, gift,gift value etc., without prior notice to the participants
29. The activity shall not be extendable or transferable unless at the discretion of Asus India

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wish I had a phone with atleast 2 days backup #MAxSavemyPalxj_event
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What i thought when my phone battery is about to die.

Last edited by solvemeifucan1 on 2017/3/4 11:33

I thought my life is about to die.. feels like ill patient. Just like oxygen supply I start for discovering cables,power banks and charging plugs.Thought that i will be disconnected from outside world for few minutes..
Hi, Kindly find my Screenshot of Facebook Post on #MaxSaveMyPal Contest.

The One thing that Comes to my mind & what I usually do when I see my smartphone battery about to die is, " Oh No!! Set the Screen Brightness to the minimum, Turn on Battery Saver, Close all Background Apps, Switch off WiFi & Data Connection & find Locate a place to charge my mobile or ask some of friend if they are carring a powerbank.
I usually say it to myself, " Ara Yar Jaldi Phone Charge Karna Padaga Bhai phone dead ho gaya battery ki wajahasa to Girlfriend ka Phone miss ho jayaga aur wo naraj ho jayagi"


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When my battery low then I feel my girlfriend breakup me, I feel I am alone in the world, I feel darkness in day, I feel my heart broken down and then my mind say if I have a Asus Max 3s then I will be livi perfect life because Not every phone battery save my time but #MaxSaveMyPalxj_event
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#MaxSaveMyPal  I would feel embarrassed to ask a total stranger to use their charger, but would anyway because the anxiety of a dead smartphone is too greatxj_event
The One thing that comes to my mind when i see battery low is " Wish i had a powerful battery phone which never drainup" #MaxSaveMyPal
asus.png xj_event
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When battery is low one thing that comes to my mind is i cannot travel with out carrying charger/powerbank  #MaxSaveMyPal xj_event
IND Level 1 | All posts
#MaxSaveMyPal when i see my  “Battery Low”  i wish i have any phone that battery never ends in a day xj_event
IND Level 1 | All posts
#MaxSaveMyPal when i see my  “Battery Low”  i wish i have any phone that battery never ends in a dayxj_event


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