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[New Question] Internal Storage is Always Full (Internal Selalu Penuh)

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Description: Asus ZenPad C 7.0, Internal Storage is always around 80%, It slows my phone, it's not about the apps, Cannot find what occupied the 80% space.

Penyimpanan Internal selalu penuh, sekitar 80% tanpa tahu penyebabnya.
Firmware/APP Version: 152704_8.0.0_151117
Frequency of Occurrence: 24 KB + 32 KB
Rooted: Yes
APP Name: -
(I don't really understand firmware and frequency)

According to Storage Analyzer my Asus ZenPad C 7.0 Internal Storage is always full, around 80%. There's "Others" file with 3,6 GB size but when I access it there's no files that big. This become a problem because it slows my tablet and stopped some apps to update because of insufficient space.

Some of big size apps are in my SD Card, some of the apps are in Internal (no option to move them to SD Card). So this is not the problem.

I already clean cache for every apps manually, even with that Clean Master apps.

The service center sent me email that instructed me to do Wipe Cache Partition from Bios Android. This is not working.

I'm guessing this files are the residue of undownloaded/uncompleted download files from many apps in the past. I have downloaded some apps from Playstore but it can't be fully downloaded, maybe because of slow connection. So I cancel the download.


Menurut Storage Analyzer Internal Storage Asus ZenPad C 7.0 saya selalu penuh, berkisar 80%. Ada file "Others" sebesar 3,6 GB tapi nyatanya tidak ada file sebesar itu. Hal ini membuat tablet saya lambat dan sering gagal mengupdate karena penyimpanannya tidak cukup.

Saya rasa ini bukan soal apps, karena apss ukuran besar dan yang bisa dipindah ke SD Card sudah saya pindah ke SD Card. Saya juga sudah membersihkan cache untuk setiap apps bahkan dengan Clean Master sekalipun.

Email dari Service Center meminta saya melakukan Wipe Cache Partition dari Bios Android, tapi ini tidak berhasil memecahkan masalah.

Saya menduga penuhnya Internal Storage ini disebabkan file-file dari apps yang gagal diunduh dari PlayStore. Saya cancel download karena koneksi lambat. Mungkin ada file yang sudah masuk ke Internal tapi tidak ikut terhapus.
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