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[Unbox] 【Unbox ZenFone 3 Series】 ZENFONE 3 MAX ZC553KL UNBOXING

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1] The actual unit itself
2] Earphones along with a pair of alternate earbudes
3] USB data cable
4] Charger
5] OTG cable
6] Sim tray ejection pin
7] Warranty card8] User manual
9] IMEI Stickers


Snapdragon 430- 1.4 Ghz octa core processor
32 GB internal storage, expandable upto 132 GB
Adrino 550 GPU
Battery- 4100 Mah
Running on Marshmallow with Zen UI_3.0
Camera- 16+8 MP

First view on accessories:

* The plastic used for accesories is quite good. No low quality material is used.

*The earphones provided are very good, taking into consideration the fact that they are provided free of cost. A pair  of earbuds are also provided to adjust them to user's fitting.

* The device comes covered in a printed plastic sheet so you will have to head straight to the market to get a screen guard as the printed sheet will not be a temporary solution.

                                                    DEVICE QUALITY REVIEW

*The device comes with a full aluminium body with front 2.5D curved display.

*The device feels quite sturdy has a premium price. Best thing is that it has a unibody design which means ypu can't see any joints in the body
*The bezels are damn too thin which further adds beauty to the device.

*I am amazed that Asus has payed attention to very minute details.Some of them are:
   - At the bottom the speaker grill, screws, charging port and mic are all symmetrically placed exactly in centre.
   - The front speaker grill's edges are very smooth, quite rare site in today's devices.

*One of the thing that annoys me is like previous devices this time also the camera has no protective ring. If you dont use a back cover you might  scratch the lens.

* The power and volume keys are placed at a comfortable hieght. You need not strech your fingers to find them.

* The camera, fingerprint scanner, flash and laser focus unit have air tight edges, there is no space at edges. The edges are also grinded to a shine. Quite nice details.

FINAL VERDICT ON THE QUALITY- Hats off to asus for making such a high quality device. I have seen many other devices in market with near identical specifications but what dissapointed me the most was the built quality of the devices. I can confidentally say that the device will easily last for 4-5 Years.

P_20161211_201433.jpg (1.75 MB, Downloads: 0)

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P_20161211_214422.jpg (1.75 MB, Downloads: 0)

P_20161211_214457.jpg (1.23 MB, Downloads: 0)


P_20161211_214457.jpg (1.23 MB, Downloads: 0)

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This phone original made from.where?
vaibhavnarain11 IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
izzufatin8295 posted on 2017/1/4 21:38
This phone original made from.where?

i didnt understand.
Asus is Taiwanese company.
i dont know where it got manufactured, maybe china or maybe in my country itself
IND Dr. Zen(IN) | All posts
Last edited by suraj0606 on 2017/1/5 00:10

Great article brother lovely...                                                            
Remember to paste back your title and link under this thread:
[Win ZenFone 3 Max] Unbox your ZenFone 3 series, and win one home!
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I got 15 days but not volte support ZenFone 3 max 5.5 [ZC553KL] update volte 
USA Level 1 | All posts
When does ZenFone 3 max gets nougat update
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I need senfone 3 this is the best for me
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Last edited by pasas on 2017/3/30 19:58
vaibhavnarain11 posted on 2017/1/4 18:42
i didnt understand.
Asus is Taiwanese company.
i dont know where it got manufactured, maybe china  ...

How can it be, Dr. Zen, don't know where ASUS company and where made phones
What written on the box: Made in China?
ASUS company where¿>in Taiwan>Taiwan where¿in China=Taiwan, officially - the Republic of China.

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