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Leo Lau MYS Level 1 | All posts
Hi pls look into yr firmware seriuosly WW, signature verification failed, cant open tmp/script-update.log, I have tried upgrade from both &, same issue.
IND Level 1 | All posts
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you first have to update to bridge version by FOTA
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SGP Level 1 | All posts
Dear user,
After many hour spend time to understand my problem. And the problem discussed is cover on difference issues (by difference experience flasher) even we focus only rom updating. Signature verification failed is due to item2. Other are my sharing with you.

1)        Enable MTP (under setting/storage/usb/
2)        The file download is in Zip format, signature verification failed is due to the file is zip within a zip. Extracted it out. I learn this after learn my success flashing vs another rom fail to flash.
3)        This from the guide I find: Then go to ADB: choose Recovery when android Belly up icon appears press volume down + volume up and Choose update from ADB

My issue is from ‘recovery’ to ‘update from ADB’, the process of pressing the volume down, and then quickly press the volume up, I had try few time to get the trick into it, then I can get the option for ‘update from ADB’.

May you benefited from my experience.

regards, someonebother.

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