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[Resolved] Sim 2 unsuported

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
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Hello someone please help me with my zenphone 2 its 2nd sim slot sometime says please insert sim after i restart it, it again works fine. Please help
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Try out following steps :
1. Make sure that the SIM card is properly and perfectly inserted in the SIM slot and nothing is bothering it in there (like any dust piece or something).
2. Go to the Settings, then to Dual SIM card settings, then there try to disable SIM slot 2 and then again enable it back.
3. Perform SMMI test (type 0.12345+= in calculator) and check your SIM slot 2. Check this out in Normal Boot as well as in Safe Boot Mode too.
4. Also check your SIM card carrier network settings and network receptivity in your area.
5. Perform Wipe Partition Cache using device recovery mode.
6. If none works, you can also try and factory reset your device (back your data before doing this).

You can also visit any Asus Service Center nearest to your location and get your device checked for the same.
To find the Asus Service Center nearest to your location, go to this site :

From the Product Category field, select ZenFone.
And then in Location field, fill up with the details of your city name or postal code and then search for the same.

Good Luck.
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Clean your zenfone 2 both sim card slot,for checking that sim card is worknig well or not go to incalculator enter .012345+= and then test sim card test..
Sukhy IND Level 2 | All posts
Sir when there will be a marshmallow update 
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Udh ada update bro,versi
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It's just hardware problem, i fix this issue with little paper !!!&
Please test this :
When your phone is on and 2 sim card in two slot in normal position, try to press on disabled sim with your finger , if you give notification ;SIM card enable , so you need something to keep this pressure on Slot . You can use some paper or anything else.
Note : if after close back cover , sim card disabled again , pressure maybe low or much ! And you need to adjust pressure with change thickness paper.

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