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[Resolved] [Signal/ Connection] How to switch data service network from sim 1 to sim 2

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ZenFone2 Bug Report
Model: ZE551ML
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: 3G
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How to switch data service network from sim1 to sim2,i can't find its settings,not the same as zenfone6 very easy to replace data services network from sim1 to sim2
TWN Level 5 | All posts
   This reply is the best answer.   

This is not possible.
Only SIM slot 1 supports 4G/3G/2G, SIM slot 2 only supports 2G.

ASUS Zenfone 2 English Version User Manual (PDF file)
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MYS Level 1 | All posts
On first original firmware i stil can switch data between sim 1 and sim 2 and after update this function is gone . Its like i v treated by asus ... shame on u ...
TUR Level 5 | All posts
So this is a software restriction as Toyolman  can do with original firmware. please bring this feature back.
PHL Level 1 | All posts
Its kind of frustrating without the option of switching between the sims in using the data. Like i want to put on two different sim in different countries so i can just easily switch but i cannot. Please put this feature in.
SVN Level 1 | All posts
Actually the limitation by itself is a kind of "strange" ... In the last 6y I'm using dualsim phones. Have tested a lot of them (Sony, Samsung, Prestigio, ...) and many were sold after the first trimester of usage primarily because of some lack in the dual SIM usage. After a few days of using the ZF2 my opinion is again that Prestigio till now is the best from the point of view of user friendly protocols. The user decide which card to use for what by deciding it in advance or it can turn on the "Always ask" option. And that is "adjustable" for everything even when you turn on the "Data Transfer" it ask which SIM do you want to use. And what was the most important for me was that all the incoming calls ans SMS were recognizable by the color and the name (given in advance by the user) of the SIM through which the communication came on the phone. On ASUS you have those little 1 and 2 based on the slot that you have put the SIM in. Hope that will be "developed" one day.

But back on the main "problem" on ZenF2 unfortunately the SIM2 is not intended for data usage... The thing that disturb me for the most is the fact that on the phone and on the QuickRefference is written that the SIM2 slot is intended for 2G network... copy/paste: NOTE: Micro SIM card slot 1 supports 4G/3G/2G network bands. Micro SIM card slot 2 supports 2G network band only.

And obviously that is not true because 2G network allows you to send at least MMS messages... and those are "blocked" on the ZenPhone2 probably because the SIM2 slot is obviously limited to all data traffic.

So ASUS should be more "correct" to the users and buyers by giving "real" information about how they "understand" the 2G network. Where I'm coming from 2G network includes MMS and a very poor internet connection. "Data disabled" is what ASUS menas for 2G.

Best regards  
USA Level 3 | All posts
This is the first time I have used a dual SIM phone. I understand why some people want the option of data on either SIM slot.

Actually, no data on SIM2 will work good for me. I'll be back in France next month. I will put my U.S. AT&T SIM card in SIM slot 2 and use the International Passport package from AT&T which only has 120MB of data.

I will put a French Bouygues Telecom SIM in Sim slot 1 for voice and data.
SVN Level 1 | All posts
@apalandri: I'm glad that is fine for you. Unfortunately for me is unacceptable especially because is written on the phone and in the QuickReff. that SIM 2 slot gives "only" 2G network band. That is not true SIM 2 slot is actually a "data disabled" port that older users remember from the beginnings of GSM technology (late 90ies in my conutry)  

BTW: I have written an e-mail to ASUS official representative in our country regarding this issue. An hour later I have recieved a reply form the country manager personally that wrote to me that SIM 2 slot is UMTS enabled... .  Oh god at least he should know that UMTS in 3G based... but OK I explained him that it would be great, unfortunately ZF2 is declared for 2G but does not offer even that. The SIM 2 is a "Call & short text only" phone.

I'm just wondering if any ASUS responsable is reading this forum and if there is any option to recive a valid anwser about any upgrade. Can we expect that or should I bring the phone back and change it for something more useful.
AUS Beta Tester | All posts

agreed, it should be switchable
IRN Level 1 | All posts
Asus! Please enable data on sim2
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